Safety Officer Salary In Eskom (2023)

Working as a Safety Officer can be an interesting occupation depending on where you work. However, many are usually simply interested in how much salary they can go home with at the end of the month. While there are several organizations you can work as a Safety Officer in South Africa, this article is focused on Eskom. It is concerned basically with how much they are being paid as salary.

Safety Officer Salary In Eskom

According to information gathered, the average Safety Officer salary at Eskom in South Africa is around R287, 930/ year.

As should be observed already, while there are several other more lucrative jobs in South Africa, Safety Officers still earn better than some others.

What Do Safety Officers Do?

What is your job as a Safety Officer? This will be very useful for young folks who are considering a career in this field and are in need of sufficient information on what it entails.

Well, if you are employed as a Safety officer, your job basically is to monitor activities in your workplace and see to it that nobody around is violating safety regulations. It means you have sufficient knowledge of safety principles, as this is what makes you an expert in this regard.

So, being a Safety officer means you have to do all you can to minimize accidents in the workplace, as well as occupational injuries with health problems. Hence, your job is an active one. Of course, to achieve what you were employed to do, you aren’t going to simply go about watching the behavior of your coworkers and trying to correct any unsafe conduct you observed. Rather, you are expected to also provide everyone with safety training to see to it that they are fully aware of safety standards. 

As a safety officer, you might have to ensure the circulation of reading and instructional material on safety standards in the workplace. You can even organize educational programs on related issues. As you inspect and train your colleagues on this matter, you may also be expected to always inspect and replace safety equipment.

As a safety officer, you should have been appropriately trained to see to it that you have what it takes to manage your fellow employees in case there is a safety emergency. If you are pursuing a career in this field, you should be ready to work full-time. You must also be one that can communicate with several people – not just with your coworkers, but even your employers.

Depending on the nature of the industry you are in, your work can be either indoor or outdoor, and you can also work in a wide variety of fields.

To become a Safety Officer in South Africa, you should realize that a bachelor’s degree in a related field is usually required, as well as a health and safety certification. You should be appropriately trained to handle your roles with professionalism.

About Eskom, South Africa

Founded back in 1923, this is a South African electricity public utility with a reputation of being the largest producer of electricity in Africa. In fact, in terms of generation capacity and sales, Eskom used to be among the top utilities in the world.

Eskom is the largest of South Africa’s state-owned enterprises with employees that are well around 50,000. The organization also has a reputation for being the operator of the only nuclear power plant in Africa – the Koeberg nuclear power station in the Western Cape Province. 


In conclusion, as you can see, due to the nature of the activities that surround the operations of Eskom, the role of a safety officer is an important one there. Hence, salary can’t but be reasonable.

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