Safety Officer Salary In Sasol (2023)

The job of a Safety Officer can be an exciting one, depending on some factors such as where you work, and of course, how much you earn. Safety Officers can work in several places in South Africa quite alright. But here, we are concerned with Sasol, and we will examine the salary of a safety officer in the company.

Safety Officer Salary In Sasol

According to information gathered, the average Safety Officer salary at Sasol in South Africa is around  R35, 726..

As should be observed already, this is 39% above the national average. Meaning, while there are several better occupations in the country (in terms of monthly take-home), working as a Safety Officer in a place like Sasol is still cool.

Of course, you should be made aware that the above salary figure is an approximation, and you should consult the management of Sasol for actual salary figures.

Your Job As A Safety Officer

  1. You are tasked with developing and training others regarding safety standards. This can be achieved via circulating instructional materials on safety standards in the organization or putting in place educational programs on such things as safety.
  2. You are to enforce safety standards and regulations in your organization
  3. It is your job to audit safety standards and regulations in the workplace
  4. As a safety officer, you are tasked with documenting safety policies in the workplace.
  5. It is your duty to organize safety training in the organization. Safety officers won’t just watch the behavior of their coworkers and try to make right any unsafe conduct they observed, but they also provide folks with safety training.
  6. You are meant to document regulations as well as adverse events in the workplace.
  7. You should also conduct formal audits in your workplace to evaluate safety needs and policies. Your activities in the organization on an official level should help minimize accidents and occupational hazards.
  8. As a safety officer, you are tasked with monitoring equipment moves and maintenance in the organization. Safety Officers don’t just inspect and train their co-workers on safety, but they are to also inspect and replace safety equipment in the organization.
  9. Safety officers must monitor activities in the workplace and ensure no one is violating safety regulations. 
  10. Safety officers should know how to manage their fellow employees in case there is a safety emergency. Hence, this is usually a full-time job that will require good communication on the part of the safety officer and fellow workers (both fellow employees and their employers).

To become a Safety Officer in South Africa, it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Additionally, a health and safety certification is usually required. It is necessary to have what it takes to do your job professionally, which comes in the place of training. While being trained, you will be equipped to work either indoor or outdoor where necessary.

Working As A Safety Officer In Sasol

Established back in 1950 in Sasolburg, Sasol Limited is now located in Sandton. It is a popular integrated energy and chemical company established on processes that were first developed by European chemists and engineers back then. Today, the company produces different liquid fuels, chemicals, and electricity. The company is a very big one with tons of workers and employees, playing a big role in South Africa’s economic development.


Hence, due to the nature of the job that surrounds Sasol operations, the role of a safety officer should be very pivotal in the company. So, when it comes to salary, we don’t expect something unreasonable too, and you can be confident to work there.