Hilton College School Fees 2023, Vacancies & Address

Hilton College was established in 1872. The school is located at College Avenue, Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Hilton College is a renowned private boarding school that is exclusively created for male students. If you are a female, then there is no how you can have a taste of this beautiful citadel of learning, sorry for that. However, if you are a male, then congratulate yourself because you can get admitted into Hilton- one of the best high schools in the world!

Hilton College Fees

 Hilton College Fees  Amount
 School Fees Per Annum  R369,920.00
 Entry Fee (Non-Refundable)  R92,480.00

Currently, Hilton College charges R369 920 per annum. Besides, this fee covers tuition, food, and board, games, library, minor medical services, and laundry. The entry fee into Hilton college is R92 480.00 and is non-refundable.

Hilton College Vacancies

Currently, the only vacancy at Hilton College is in the mathematics department. The school needs a dedicated and well-qualified fill-in permanent post. Moreover, you can obtain an application form on and more updated Hilton college vacancies from the school’s website – https://www.hiltoncollege.com/about/vacancies/

About Hilton College (Brief)

Hilton College was founded by two ingenious men; Arthur Gould Lucas and Reverend William Orde Newnham. Hilton College has gone through a lot of revolutions ever since it had been created in 1872. A lot of things have changed about the school; moreover, part of the things that have remained the same is the school’s high-quality educational service. Hilton College is currently the most expensive and respected school in South Africa.

Hilton College is focused on educating for sustainability and developing the students with the ability to think critically, flexibly, and creatively, to work hard, and to learn continuously. The school has lots of seasoned tutors that are dedicated to building and shaping the lives of Hilton’s boys. The teachers in the college see themselves as life-long learners and are ever-ready to impact the positive things that learn on the students. Furthermore, as a student at Hilton College, you will have good access to cutting-edge technologies that can facilitate your process of learning. The school utilizes its beautiful and alluring estates for its outdoor classes. Hilton College consistently studies the nature of each boy and provides amazing strategies to enhance their academic lives.

Talking about fitness, Hilton counts sporting activities as a necessary part of education. At Hilton College; sport is learning. Therefore, all boys in the school are made to exercise and play. The college offers a wide variety of sporting activities such as hockey, soccer, basketball, golf, swimming, tennis, rugby, athletics, squash, and canoeing. If you are searching for a good South African school that combines the power of academics and top-notch sporting activities to reveal the hidden and valuable potentials of students, then you are at the right place. Hilton College is for you!

Another astounding part of Hilton College is its love for art performances. From playing instruments to dancing, acting, and fine arts, Hilton has it all. The school provides lots of opportunities for creative and artistic students to discover their talents and achieve excellence in whatever artistry department they choose.

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Hilton College is an efficient and top-notch South African school you should consider. Besides, have you been searching for information about Hilton College? Don’t worry; this article has explained a lot about the well-reputed, popular and proficient college. Go through the article to obtain some important information about Hilton College.