Borehole Drilling Price In South Africa (2023)

Only experts can make boreholes in South Africa, just like in other places. These professionals know what it takes to tap into the water-bearing aquifer below the ground and then get it pumped to the surface.

Borehole drilling price in South Africa will take around R 600 a meter. After drilling (and in a case where water has been seen), then you will need over R 24 000 for installing a pump. After putting all of these into place, you will then have to use about R 12 000 for the laboratory water tests.

It takes a lot to drill a borehole in South Africa, but it is one of the best decisions you can make. It is interesting to note that you can drink borehole water because it is perfectly safe to drink and necessary. Don’t forget that much of the bottled water we buy even come from the ground. Many companies in this business usually pump water from boreholes too.

When the resources have been in place, you should look for a competent professional that can help get the job done. Interestingly, there are many such experts in different parts of the country, although they charge different amounts for their services.

To drill a hole in your site, you should know that the length of time required to drill a hole is usually dependent on the depth of the hole. Also, we have to consider the underlying geology of the ground. However, it is recommended that the drilling process be finalized in 1 to 2 days.

How Much Is Borehole Drilling In South Africa

It takes around R 600 per meter to drill water from the ground in South Africa. However, you will also need to spend over R 35 000 to get it all done.

It is necessary to note that these things can only be handled by professionals that are trained. These experts can properly get the boreholes designed, and will make sure it is professionally constructed and drilled well.

It is always important to be meticulous about getting good water for health’s sake. Therefore, it is necessary to drill a borehole as a landowner if you can. And if you are wondering if you have permission to do this, well, you do. You have a right to access any water beneath the ground of your land.

Hence, landowners in South Africa don’t have to get any planning permission before they can take steps to drill a water borehole in their space. With this, it becomes obvious that anyone can easily install a borehole while they are building a property.

So, you are not hindered from drilling a borehole in South Africa, although some people are hindered due to how expensive it is. One of the reasons for this is due to the type of ground as well as the geology of the ground in question.

If your space is great, you can get the drilling done with ease. Hence, we will advise that you go for an experienced borehole expert that will do the geology research of the site very well.

You should strive as much as possible to have a borehole in your place because it is very important to have good water that will be beneficial to your well-being.

Usually, borehole water is very safe to drink and you have nothing to be worried about. The fact remains that a lot of bottled water emanated from the ground. Therefore, as far as your site is good, you can always get good water.

How Long Is It Too Drill A Hole in South Africa

On this one, we should note that the duration that is required to drill a hole is dependent majorly on the depth of the hole in question. Don’t forget that different lengths are for different holes, just as it is in several other places.

Another thing that should be considered is the underlying geology of the site in question. Nevertheless, experts will generally recommend that the drilling process be finalized in 1 to 2 days.

It’s also important that we talk about the depths that are required of a borehole in South Africa (how deep a borehole should be). In different parts of the country, you often encounter water at about 300 feet. However, when it comes to boreholes for a house, then we can look from around 100 feet to 500 feet below the ground.

It should however be added that this largely depends on the location of the site. For instance, while the average in South Africa is around 300 feet, there are still places in the country that requires more than 1,000 feet deep before you can get to the water.


In Conclusion

Borehole drilling price in South Africa will take around R 600 a meter, and you must still spend over R 30 000 to put everything in order. It is very recommendable that you ignore the high costs and ensure you have your own good water in your space.

The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to worry about seeking planning permission to drill a water borehole in your space in South Africa. Therefore, except for the cost factor, it is easy for anyone to install a borehole during a property building process.

Borehole drilling seems expensive in the country because of obvious reasons. However, the type of ground and geology of the place where you desire to drill a borehole is one of the major things that will determine what you will use to get the job done. The professional whose services you will acquire is also fundamental (some will charge more than others).

Generally, make sure that you use an experienced borehole expert that is well versed in the job. You should give priority to experts that can give you nothing but the best service for your money.