Top 10 Clothing Stores In Sandton City (2023)

There are many amazing clothing stores in different parts of South Africa, but we will focus on Sandton City right here. You can get fantastic clothes of different types from these places, either foreign or indigenous.

Here are some of the top clothing stores in Sandton City.

Top 10 Clothing Stores In Sandton City

1. Poetry Sandton City

This is a women’s clothing store that is located in Sandhurst. The store is committed to making the modern South African woman a very elegant queen. Hence, its focus on the female gender is with a purpose.

Poetry Sandton City therefore has a store with different kinds of clothes that are carefully selected to support the elegance lifestyle of the modern female. The store sells nice clothing, footwear and accessories.

Beyond clothing, women can also purchase stuff like confectionery and homeware products that are of great quality. The store is indeed a sophisticated one where you can buy beautiful and quality products that will add glamour to your wardrobe and home.

2. Ackermans Sandton City

Ackermans is one of the top clothing stores in Sandton City and is a prominent value fashion retailer that caters for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or or female, there is something for you here. It doesn’t matter if one is an adult or a kid, there is always something for everyone at Ackermans Sandton City.

This brand is committed to nothing but the best, and to ensure you can always get them without tearing your bank account. In other words, you can buy high quality clothes that are very fashionable – ladies, kids, men and babies, at affordable prices.

3. BOSS Store

You can purchase affordable fashionable clothes at BOSS store in Sandton City. This store caters for the needs of both men and women, and their products can either be purchased online or at their physical store.

While it is not the very best around here, the store is still a nice one with a lovely atmosphere and a superb team of staff that will help you choose the right outfit for the occasion in mind.

4. Foschini – Sandton

The store sells ladieswear, footwear, accessories, fine jewellery, and so on. It is a brand in South Africa that is known for excellence, and prides itself as one of the largest departmental retailer of cosmetics in the entire country.

5. 2A Sandton The World Of Luxury In Africa

You can buy lovely clothes from 2A Sandton The World Of Luxury In Africa, which is located in Sandton City Shopping Center Shop U17. Explore the several options available here and make your selection the way you want. Interestingly, you can even make your order online and have your clothes delivered to you.

6. YDE

YDE is one of the foremost clothing stores in this area, and a lot of customers have fallen in love with the company. It is a nice place with a great selection of designer items.

YDE has a spacious shopping space with nice ranges, and there are workers that are usually eager to assist you choose what befits you. Young Designers Emporium is in a fantastic class and afford fashion lovers arou here the opportunity to shop up-and-coming clothing, footwear as well as accessory.

Interestingly, these guys are not just all about foreign stuff. Rather, attention is adequately given to things designed by local talent. Therefore, if you give priority to indigenous products, there is always something for you at the Young Designers Emporium (YDE).

Therefore, one of the admirable things about this clothing store which should be emphasised is how they have been supporting local fashion talent in the country.

7. Forever New Sandton

Forever New Sandton is another prominent women’s clothing store that is focusing simply on women. You have access to several clothes, there is a super helpful and friendly staff that are usually on ground to advise you on what is appropriate to buy.

So, just in case you ended up being overwhelmed by the variety of products at the store, you will be fortunate to get help from the workers who are usually willing to assist customers with the right selection.

8. Trenton – Sandton City Mall

Trenton is another prominent one that can be recommended (although it is not as big as certain other brands in Sandton). Trenton is in Sandton City Mall and has been selling premium footwear brands UGG and Hunter.

This clothing store is not just one of those trying to find its feet in this business. For instance, it prides itself as the official online retailer of genuine Hunter and UGG shoes in the country. This is an indictment that the company has been working very hard to soar and become a bigger brand in the country.

9. GUESS Sandton City

You can also purchase lovely clothes from Guess Sandton City with good ease. It is necessary to let you know that this clothing store has been around for many years now, as it was established in 1981. Right now, GUESS has evolved into a great clothing retailer that is pretty influential.

If you want to get high quality house-brand designer jeans, clothing & accessories, you can come over to make your selection, either as a man or woman.

10. United Fashion Outlets – UFO

Finally, United Fashion Outlets – UFO is one of the best clothing stores in the whole of Sandton City. If you want to get exciting clothes for specific purposes, you can always patronise these guys, and you will be amazed at the extent they will go to satisfy you.

The aim of every good business is to make good profit and to keep ensuring that customers will always come back to get what they offer.


In Conclusion

Here are some of the top clothing stores in Sandton City where you can buy different types of clothes and other products like shoes, bags, and so on.