Top 11 Courier Subcontracting Opportunities In South Africa (2024)

Courier subcontracting opportunities in South Africa can be found through partnerships with solid courier firms, logistics providers, etc. scattered across different parts of the country. These opportunities usually involve providing last-mile delivery services, transportation, or specialized courier services.

A list of such courier subcontracting opportunities includes contracts with FedEx, DHL, Fastway, Amazon, Government Contracts, logistics Providers and Freight and Transport Networks.

List Of Courier Subcontracting Opportunities In South Africa

1. FedEx

Starting a courier business with FedEx is an excellent way to enter this industry, given FedEx’s popularity. Here’s a guide on how to kickstart your FedEx-based courier venture:

  • 1. Begin by registering your business with FedEx. This is a process that can be completed online or by contacting their customer service.
  • 2. After registration, secure a shipping account. This account grants you access to FedEx’s shipping rates and services and is a vital step for your courier business.
  • 3. Acquire essential shipping supplies, including boxes, labels, and tape. It must be noted that one can source these materials conveniently at their local FedEx office or online.
  • 4. Lastly, boost your business’s visibility. This can be achieved through means like building a website, distributing flyers, or advertising in local newspapers and online platforms.

2. DHL

Securing courier subcontracting opportunities in South Africa with DHL can be lucrative for businesses. DHL often seeks partners to expand its last-mile delivery network or assist during peak periods. Subcontractors can provide localized expertise, specialized services, or additional capacity, helping DHL meet customer demands efficiently.

Opportunities may include handling express deliveries, route optimization, and managing deliveries in challenging areas. However, subcontractors must meet DHL’s stringent standards for reliability, security, and service quality. Building a strong working relationship with DHL is essential to capitalize on these opportunities and benefit from DHL’s global reputation and extensive logistics network.

3. UPS

Courier subcontracting opportunities in South Africa with UPS offer you a chance to collaborate with a globally recognized logistics leader. Also, this company may seek subcontractors for last-mile delivery services, providing an opportunity to expand local delivery capabilities. These partnerships can involve handling time-sensitive shipments, route optimization, and efficient delivery solutions.

However, subcontractors must adhere to UPS’s high standards for security, reliability, and service excellence. Establishing a strong working relationship with UPS can lead to steady business growth and access to a vast customer base.

4. Fastway

This also offers a platform for local businesses to engage in courier services. Fastway often seeks subcontractors to extend its delivery network and enhance service coverage. These opportunities can encompass last-mile delivery, especially in regions where Fastway aims to strengthen its presence. Subcontractors may participate in route optimization, parcel collection, and timely deliveries.

Fastway emphasizes reliability and customer satisfaction, making it essential for subcontractors to meet their service standards. Establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with Fastway can enable businesses to tap into a growing courier market and leverage Fastway’s established reputation for dependable service in South Africa.

5. Amazon

As you should have known, Amazon is not new, as it has a reputation for being one of the world’s largest e-commerce giants. Amazon may seek subcontractors to manage last-mile deliveries, enabling swift and efficient package distribution to customers across the country. These partnerships often include handling peak-season demands, providing localized expertise, and ensuring timely deliveries.

Also, like other big corporations in this sector, you are to meet the company’s stringent quality and reliability standards. Establishing a strong working relationship with Amazon can lead to steady growth in the e-commerce logistics sector and access to a vast customer base.

 6. Takealot

Courier subcontracting opportunities with Takealot in South Africa offer local businesses a chance to collaborate with one of the country’s leading e-commerce platforms. Takealot often seeks subcontractors to enhance its delivery network and meet growing customer demands.

Of course, reliable and timely deliveries are paramount, aligning with Takealot’s commitment to customer satisfaction. We should also heavily emphasize the necessity to adhere to Takealot’s quality and service standards. But if you can get into the system, you should be open to enjoying steady business growth, as well as increased exposure in the e-commerce industry. This is easy because you can have access to Takealot’s extensive customer base.

7. Government Contracts

Monitor government procurement websites for courier service tenders and subcontracting opportunities related to public sector logistics. Here is another pathway to get plugged into the system, and you should be meticulous about it. Their websites frequently publish tenders and subcontracting opportunities linked to public sector logistics.

Hence, if you want this done, you can be watching these platforms, and can then identify and bid on contracts to provide courier services for government agencies. Examples include document delivery, supply chain logistics, and transportation services. These opportunities not only offer a steady stream of work but also contribute to the efficient functioning of public services.

Generally, staying informed and responsive to such tenders can be instrumental in growing a courier business and establishing a presence in the public sector logistics arena in the country.

8. Local Businesses

Approach local businesses and offer your courier services, especially if you specialize in niche markets or same-day delivery. Interestingly, numerous local businesses are scattered across different parts of the country. With a proper structure in place, you can easily make different types of deals with the relevant people in any industry.

9. Online Marketplaces

Platforms like Gumtree and LinkedIn can be used to advertise your courier services and connect with potential clients looking for subcontractors. Advertising your courier services on these platforms is a savvy strategy for expanding your reach and client base. These enable you to showcase your services to a broad audience actively seeking courier solutions.

To attract clients, you should make sure you are meticulous about crafting compelling listings with transparent pricing (don’t forget your delivery options as well as your service features). Generally, online marketplaces offer a convenient way to connect with e-commerce businesses, individuals, and other potential customers seeking reliable and efficient delivery services. By harnessing the power of these platforms, you can tap into a thriving market and build a robust online presence, facilitating growth and success.

10. Freight and Transport Networks

You can also join industry associations and networks like the South African Express Parcel Association (SAEPA) to connect with potential subcontracting opportunities. You should not only be concerned about running solo in the industry but you will be amazed at the multiple opportunities awaiting you when you network with the right associations and people.

11. Logistics Providers

Explore partnerships with logistics companies such as DB Schenker, or local providers that often require subcontractors for delivery services. Forming partnerships with logistics providers can be a strategic move for your operations, as these collaborations often bring mutual benefits. You will be able to gain access to a more extensive network, advanced technology, and specialized services.

By working with big logistics companies, the partnership can facilitate expansion into new markets or regions, aiding in the growth of what you do. Overall, these partnerships foster synergy, drive competitiveness and bolster the supply chain.



Courier subcontracting opportunities in South Africa can be found through partnerships with the different key players in the industry. However, be sure that before you take a reasonable step, you should have the necessary licenses, insurance, and capacity to handle courier subcontracting contracts. Always remember that networking and building relationships with potential clients are essential in securing these opportunities.