Creed Aventus Price In South Africa (2022)

Aventus cologne is a unique scent that took the market by storm since it was launched back then in 2010. This sweet Eau de Parfum, all the way from Paris (produced by perfume house Creed), has been embraced in several parts of the world, including in South Africa.

Creed Aventus price in South Africa is R 5 395 (for the 50ml size) and R 7 166.68 (for the 100ml size). The price difference is simply because of its different sizes, and it has nothing to do with quality.

How Much Is Creed Aventus In South Africa?

The price of Creed Aventus in South Africa is R 5 395 for the 50ml size and R 7 166.68 for the 100ml size.

Here are the different types you can buy today, as well as their different prices:

1. Creed Aventus cologne 50ml – R 5395.14
2. Creed Aventus cologne 100ml – R 7166.68
3. 2.5ml atomizer sample – R193.26

Of course, the reason the 100ml bottle is higher than the other ones is because of the size, and it has nothing to do with quality. The same degree of quality you find in the 100ml size is the one available in the 50ml size.

You should know that one of the reasons this cologne could become a household name globally is because of its distinctive smell. This is understandable because of the level of standard a company like Creed is adhering to.

Remember, Creed is a Paris-based company that is operating from a territory where excellence is given a great priority. It can penetrate a lot of markets in different parts of the world because of its reputation and impressive track record.

We should also note that Olivier Creed has been operating for over 250 years. For a company to have been around for such a number of years, we should know how great it has become. It is easy for a company that is consistent with quality products to continue being better at what they do.

So, over the years, Creed has been able to build a reputation globally, and it is easy for a product like the Aventus cologne to be embraced globally too.

What Makes Creed Aventus Special

Creed Aventus is one of the most expensive perfumes out there, not only in South Africa but in several parts of the world. It can be referred to as a premium cologne used only by those that can afford to splash such resources.

One of the reasons why this product is pretty expensive is because they are handmade. Yes, you read that right. It means that when you come across a Creed Aventus cologne right now, you should know that the particular product was carefully made (handmade).

This is one of the reasons this cologne is very special. Remember, many other companies in this industry simply make use of machines for their stuff (they use machines to carry out all they must do to produce their products). However, each Aventus cologne is specially made one at a time.

This is one of the reasons it has a very special smell. You should know that each cologne smells very nice, just like a musky and fruity scent. When you open a bottle in a small, the atmosphere receives a sweet smell that gets the attention of everyone with a functional nose.

If you can afford the Creed Aventus cologne, you can get yours, particularly if you love smelling nice. It smells fruity and sweet, very great indeed.

Why Is Creed Aventus So Expensive In South Africa?

First, it must be well noted that Creed Aventus is not only expensive in South Africa alone. Rather, it is also very expensive in several other countries. You should know that the original Creed Aventus is made in Paris and not South Africa, so, when we factor in the amount it takes to import these products, it climbs up in price.

Additionally, we should consider the fact that Creed as a manufacturer makes use of traditional ingredients to make each of their cologne. They utilize exclusive natural methods to make each one, which takes lots of time and resources.

Basically, the company is an expert when it comes to creating and making perfumes via its own unique methods. They know what works for them, and it keeps working (because despite its high prices, many are still eager to buy). It is normal that a company making perfumes that are of very high quality will charge high prices for their products.

Is Creed Aventus Worth The Price?

Creed Aventus cologne may be very expensive, but it has a lot of consistent customers from different parts of the world. These customers don’t mind spending money again and again to get these products. Definitely, they have their reasons.

Creed is worth the price if you can afford it. When you apply it to your clothes, you know the difference. Also, if you can read reviews about this product, you will be amazed that there are many people who love the perfume and will keep buying again and again.

In Conclusion

The price of Creed Aventus in South Africa is R 5 395 for the 50ml size and R 7 166.68 for the 100ml size. Both are of great standard and quality, and the core difference rests in their sizes.

Irrespective of what you bought, you still enjoy the unique masculine scent that came with sweet smells that will give you an appealing aura when you move about. Imagine being cladded and saturated with a tart-sweet fruit scent that follows you about.

Finally, one prominent reason Creed Aventus is more expensive than several others is because of what it takes to produce each bottle. The manufacturers are very familiar with what it takes to make sweet perfumes. They mix up several ingredients to produce this lovely scent.

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