Where to Watch and Download Afrikaans Movies Free Online (2023)

Afrikaans movies and films are popular for different reasons, and there are tons of people who enjoy watching them. Since technology has made things easier in many ways, it is now easy to follow, watch and download your favorite Afrikaans movies online. Before a time like this, people only watch these movies via VCD or DVD. Some would even have to go to a movie theater before they can get an enjoyable experience. But things have changed. 

With your internet-enabled devices, you can watch and download your movies anywhere you are. You can enjoy Afrikaans movies as much as you want, as there are thousands of such available on the internet. 

Now, you might be wondering where you can get these Afrikaans movies free online and on paid platforms since the World Wide Web is pretty big. This is what we are going to be treating here. As you will even get to see, anyone can have access to these contents with little or no cost at all. It should also be noted that it is easier to get new Afrikaans films and movies than older ones. Additionally, if you are downloading any movie, ensure you watch only for your own personal consumption, and don’t distribute.

Now, let’s talk about where you can download Afrikaans movies free online.

Where to Watch and Download Afrikaans Movies Online Free & Paid

1. Showmax

Showmax is a platform you can watch Afrikaans movies. It is a popular movie streaming platform that has tons of subscribers. They collaborated with KykNET to furnish their viewers with South African content. Is it free to download and watch Afrikaans movies on Showmax? No. You have to subscribe with just US$8.99 each month to get access to your favorite movies.

With a valid subscription, you have access to an unlimited number of Afrikaans movies on the platform. Users can download their favorite movies using the Showmax app on their phones and tablet. You can get started anytime you are ready.

2. YouTube

Almost everyone familiar with the internet knows about Youtube. It is one of the most popular platforms out there that is usually visited by tons of video viewers each day. The platform is filled with millions of videos occupying different categories. You can get to watch Afrikaans movies on Youtube too, and you can decide to either watch online on the platform or download it to watch later. Interestingly, you do all these without having to pay, as Youtube is free.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that you won’t get too many South African movies on the platform, which is understandable. If you are always looking for the latest Afrikaans movies, Youtube might not satisfy you. However, if you are cool with old movies, then you should have no problem getting such on YouTube.

3. iTunes

iTunes is another platform you can watch your favorite Afrikaans movies without much issues. While the platform is famously known as a music portal, you can also utilize it to watch your movies if it’s available. It should however be noted that you will spend more money (when compared to some other platforms) to watch Afrikaans movies on iTunes. A user might have to dish out up to R100 just to download movies on here.

Nevertheless, on iTunes, after paying for a fliek, the user can download it anytime. Additionally, even if you use Windows PC, you can still get the iTunes app on your computer.

4. Google Play Movies

On this platform, anyone can rent and purchase videos with ease. You can rent or purchase available Afrikaans movies on Google Play Movies. The platform allows those that produce Afrikaans movies to upload their content, while users can access it at a cost – either renting or buying the content. You can download the app either on Android or IOS. 

5. SBS On Demand

You can also watch Afrikaans movies on SBS, which is another popular streaming platform out there. You should note that before you can watch your movies, you must have a valid subscription. With this, you can watch not only local South African content, but those from other places. However, it should also be noted that you can’t come across too many Afrikaans movies on this platform, as it is an Australian platform.

6. Filmdoo

This platform allows you to rent movies online, but you will have to pay. The structure of the website won’t allow you to download free Afrikaans movies, and so, you have to pay if you want to see any of your favorite movies. One interesting thing about Filmdoo is that it contains a lot of South African content – either old or new. You can enjoy your Afrikaans movies on Filmdoo as long as you are ready to pay for it – which can be gotten with just $1.49.

7. Boxoffice

This is offered by DStv, and you should know you have to pay for a subscription before you can have access to the platform as well as its content. You can watch Afrikaans movies here after subscribing to just R35. As you should be aware already, DStv is prominent when it comes to content. So, you should get to download nice South African movies here, not forgetting it is an indigenous platform in the first place.

8. Afrikaans Flix

This is a free app you can use with your Android device. You don’t have to pay to download or use the application. It simply allows you to watch free films anywhere you are. So, if you have an Android smartphone and you want to watch Afrikaans movies, you can easily get this. One interesting thing about this platform is that the movies there usually come with English subtitles. So, those who are not fluent in Afrikaans can also follow the movie and enjoy it.



In conclusion, with these platforms listed here, you can enjoy and download different Afrikaans movies free online without having to spend too much money and waste too much time. Just ensure you have the necessary devices and good internet, and you are good to go, enjoying your movies at home and even on the go.