Vodacom Uncapped Wifi Deals (2023)

You would agree with me that Vodacom is one of the biggest and most prominent telecommunication companies in South Africa. They have a vast customer base in South Africa all thanks to their quality but affordable network services. With the recent advent of uncapped WiFi, Vodacom is offering special and juicy deals on its uncapped LTE packages.

The various Vodacom Uncapped WiFi deals available include 4Mbps, 8Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 40Mbps, and 80Mbps. The subscription to these deals can last for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. The fascinating part is that you get to enjoy juicy discounts on longer lengths of subscriptions. Vodacom wants you to enjoy surfing the internet as well as streaming your favorite shows all at a pocket-friendly cost.

Vodacom Uncapped WiFi Deals

4Mbps Uncapped WiFi Deal

Vodacom offers uncapped WiFi internet data connection that runs at the speed of 4MBS for R729 for 12 months, R599 for 24 months, and R499 for 36 months subscriptions. These prices are VAT and Installation inclusive. This WiFi deal is suitable for families who spend a lot of time on social media. The 4 Mbps speed is adequate for exchanging messages with friends and family as well as staying updated on all trending news, stories, and information.

8Mbps Uncapped WiFi Deal

You can get the 8Mbps uncapped WiFi package at R899 for 12 months, R799 for 24 months, and R699 for 36 months subscriptions. The prices include VAT and installation fees. The 8Mbps speed is suitable for individuals who require a fast internet connection.

If you work remotely as a blogger, Internet marketer, web designer or app designer, and so on, 8Mbps internet speed would be sufficient for you. It will also be suitable for sending and receiving messages on your favorite social media platforms.

10Mbps Uncapped WiFi Deal

The Vodacom 10Mbps uncapped WiFi deal costs R1,224 for 12 months subscription, R899 for 24 months subscription, and R749 for 36 months subscription. These prices are VAT and installation fees inclusive. The 10Mbps is more than adequate for social media surfing as chatting is instant and downloading media content is super fast.

You can download short videos in less than a minute at 10Mbps. If you are a video content lover or you love sharing video content on Social media then this deal is for you. You get to stream your favorite movies and series as well as download files and games all at an affordable price with this deal.

20Mbps Uncapped WiFi Deal

This deal gives you unlimited super fast 20 MB per second at R1,374 for 12 months subscription, R999 for 24 months subscription, or R849 for 36 months subscription. This deal best suits businesses in taking and confirming orders, loading pages, and sending and receiving files instantly.

Businesses that depend on internet connectivity to function optimally should consider this uncapped WiFi deal because of its quality and affordability. Individuals can also watch video content at high quality as well as enjoy fast downloads with this deal.

40Mbps Uncapped WiFi Deal

The 40Mbps uncapped WiFi deal is uniquely designed for businesses. The 12 months subscription costs R1,744, 24 months subscription costs R1,499 and the 36 monthly subscription costs R1,255. This internet connection deal can connect a whole building consisting of individual staff computers, tablets, and smartphones without affecting its speed and stability.

80Mbps Uncapped WiFi Deal

The 80Mb per second deal is targeted at big businesses. The costs for the deal are R3,499 for 12 months subscription, R2,899 for 24 months subscription, and R2,340 for 36 months subscription. This deal is the absolute solution to equip your business or office for optimal results. This deal allows limitless device connections that will give you quality value for your money.

Other WiFi Deals on Vodacom

  • 400GB for R1,099 Monthly

This deal offers you 400 GB of internet connection for R1,099 monthly. This deal also comes with a free SIM Card for you.

  • 300GB for R899 Monthly

This deal offers you a 300GB internet connection for R899 monthly. This deal also comes with a Free SIM Card for you.

  • 200GB for R799 Monthly

Vodacom offers you 200GB worth of data at R799 monthly. This deal comes with a Free SIM card for you as well.

  • 100GB for R499 Monthly

You can get 100GB worth of Data on the Vodacom network for R499 monthly. This deal also gives you a Free SIM card.

  • 100GB plus Huawei B535 LTE CPE Router

Vodacom also offers 100GB worth of data for R549 monthly. This deal also includes a free Huawei B535 WiFi router for you.

  • 200GB plus Huawei B535 932 LTE CPE WiFi Router

This deal offers you 200GB worth of data at R849 monthly. You also get a free Huawei B535 WiFi router when you purchase this deal.

  • 300GB plus Huawei B535 932 LTE WiFi Router

This deal offers 300GB worth of data for R949 monthly. You also get to enjoy a free Huawei WiFi router as well for keeps.

  • 400GB plus Huawei B535 932 LTE CPE WiFi Router

Vodacom offers 400GB worth of data for just R1,149 monthly. You also get a free Huawei router with this data deal.

  • 100GB plus Huawei B535 932 LTE CPE WiFi Router

Vodacom offers 100GB for just R788 monthly. This offer also comes with a free Huawei B535 932 LTE CPE Router. This deal allows you to enjoy more but pays less and you should consider it.

  • 200GB plus Huawei B535 932 LTE CPE WiFi Router

You can enjoy 200GB worth of data at just R1,088 monthly with a free Huawei B535 932 LTE CPE WiFi router. This deal allows you to surf the internet at optimum speed.

Vodacom Dongle Deals

The Vodacom dongle deals are available for tablets or dongles. With Vodacom dongle deals, you can get a one-time mobile broadband data bundle if you exhaust your data before its expiry date. If you own LTE-enabled mobile devices, you can also access the LTE data network at zero additional cost.

This deal costs R46 for 500MB worth of data and R605 for 30GB worth of data for 24 months. For 12 months, you can enjoy this deal for R56 for 500MB and R655 for 30GB as well. A one-time data plan will cost R50 for 500MB and R1,109 for 20GB.



Vodacom is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s biggest network providers. The company offers high-quality internet service at affordable prices which in turn has resulted in a large customer base for them. Vodacom assures customers of high-quality services and optimum value for money.

The various Vodacom uncapped WiFi Deals available to customers have been explained in this piece. We would love to mention that Vodacom reserves the right to change the prices and sizes of the various deals highlighted in this piece at any time. We are not affiliated with Vodacom and we are neither their official partners nor marketers.

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