Golf 8 R Price In South Africa (2022)

The Golf series need no new introduction, particularly those luxurious vehicles being made in recent times by the company. A lot of people in South Africa love Golf cars for various reasons. Right now, one of the most prominent around is the Golf 8 R, which is a combination of class and effectiveness.

Golf 8 r price in South Africa is likely between R 850 000 to R1-million, since it is a very strong luxurious car. You will have to spend that much on the car due to the types of features it is coming with.

How Much Is Golf 8 R Price In South Africa?

Golf 8 r price in South Africa is likely between R 850 000 to R1-million, as it is a very strong luxurious car that came with numerous splendid features which are unavailable with other average cars.

The exact price for the car will be confirmed soon when it is officially launched, and it is obviously interested folks will still purchase the vehicle.

You can expect to pay a lot for the Golf 8 R since it is way ahead of the Golf GTI. Since the Golf GTI is around R 700 000 it means the Golf 8 R has to be in the region of R 850 000 and R1-million.

When Was The Volkswagen Golf 8 R Launched?

The car was launched back in 2020 and has been made available in different parts of the world. However, for obvious reasons, it is not yet in certain other places.

As you are aware already, 2020 came with its own challenges, particularly revolving around the covid-19. This is one prominent reason it couldn’t get to a place like South Africa as quickly as possible, although some South Africans won’t mind buying these cars almost immediately.

Don’t forget about the lockdown in China then, hindering the smooth flow of many things. Due to these factors, the car couldn’t get to many parts of the world as soon as it should. There was also the issue with the semi-conductor shortage, all resulting in people having to wait for the arrival of the car.

Some time ago, it was revealed that the vehicle will get into the South African market at the tail end of this year. Nevertheless, due to other factors, the launch was pushed to next year. This means car lovers don’t have any other choice but to wait longer before they can begin to drive this car.

Specification Details For The Golf 8 R

Before you buy the vehicle, it is helpful to know certain details about the Volkswagen Golf 8 R as revealed by the manufacturer. As expected, we should start by seeing the engine type that was made to power the VW Golf 8 R.

The manufacturer has fixed a strong turbocharged 2.0-litre EA 888 petrol engine to the vehicle. This will provide at least 235 kW and 400 Nm of torque. It came with a quick-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The car was made with a new 4Motion all-wheel-drive system with R-Performance Torque Vectoring by the manufacturer. This has been connected to the Vehicle Dynamics Manager, electronic center plus rear differential, and Adaptive Chassis Control. The aim is to ensure precise and superb dynamic handling ability.

Checking out the specifications as revealed by the manufacturer of the car, it is obvious that this exceeds just a luxurious car. This is a strong car that can produce a great performance which is pretty cool. The car needs less than 5 seconds to reach 100 kph from a standstill. As for fuel consumption, it is pegged at around 7.8 l/100km.

The manufacturers also added that the interesting car will come with standard but great features like mobile inductive charging, the Discover Pro infotainment system with satellite navigation, Keyless Entry with safelock, and many more.

If you bought the car, you will see other superb features such as Nappa leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, Wireless App-Connect and Voice Control, and so on. The car’s luggage compartment is a delight, plus its electric tailgate is great.

You will enjoy the car’s 19-inch Estoril alloy wheels, with smooth rides that are deserving of the expensive amount you have to pay to get the vehicle. The car has three different exterior colors, and you have the liberty to settle for the one you prefer – it can only be Deep Black Pearl, Pure White, or Lapiz Blue Metallic.

You also have the liberty to choose from different optional features such as:
– IQ.Light LED Matrix Headlights,
– Rear Assist with a rearview camera
– Akrapovič Exhaust
– Head-Up Display
– Blind spot monitor with Rear Traffic Alert
– Harman Kardon sound system
– Parallel Park Assist
– Autonomous Emergency Braking System
-Travel Assist with Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control
– the Black Performance Package with drift mode
– And many more.

As you can see, these features can still justify the high cost of the Volkswagen Golf 8 R. You see how impressive the car is and how it is such a great car. This car is not merely a beautiful one, but it is very obvious that it is an impressive car that is filled with great benefits.

So, if you are wondering why such a car will be that expensive, the simple reason is because of these amazing features that are attached to the vehicle. You shouldn’t forget that the average car doesn’t have all of these amazing features, and these things determine the price a vehicle will go for.

In Conclusion

Golf 8 r price in South Africa is likely between R 850 000 to R1-million, because this car is a very strong luxurious one. You will have to spend that much on the car due to the types of features it is coming with, as it is a car that is in its own class.