Home Inverter Prices In South Africa (2023)

Inverters are superb automated devices that are configured to convert direct current (DC) electricity from sources like batteries or fuel cells to alternating current (AC) electricity for usage. Basically, an Inverter is designed to charge itself when there is a flow of electricity, and it also reproduces the same when needed.

Home inverter prices in south africa start from around R 2 080 and can be as high as R 17 550 depending on the type of inverter you want to get.

How Much Is Inverter Price In South Africa

Home inverter prices in south africa start from around R 2 080 and can be as high as R 17 550 based on the type of inverter you want to get.

Inverters come in different forms consistent with the peculiar design made by the manufacturer. This is one major and prominent factor why inverters are at different prices since they have different functionalities too.

Top Inverter Prices In South Africa

Let’s see some of the most prominent inverters in South Africa as well as their prices:

1. Axpert Mks 5kva 48vdc Inverter 60a Mppt

You can buy this with just R 8 220 and it can still power a lot of appliances in your space. This powerful device came with a built-in battery plus a configurable AC/Solar input priority through LCD setting. The manufacturer included overcharge protection and even a Surge power of over 10000VA.

2. RCT 3KW On-grid Inverter

Sold for around R 15 473, here is an on-grid inverter that came with energy storage that grants a pure sine wave output. This device has other amazing features that will help serve your needs reasonably well.

3. Mercer Axpert Plus Trio 5000VA 4000W Hybrid  Inverter

This Inverter is sold for around R 15 430 and has three inbuilt MPP trackers as well as an ultra-efficient capacity on the solar and AC charger. The manufacturer made it in such a way as to ensure the maximum charging current will reach 100A or 140A (although it should be noted that this depends on different models which shorten battery charging hours). You can buy it in South Africa for that price.

4. Growatt SPF5000 Solar Inverter

This is one of the very best inverters you will see and can buy in South Africa. It is superb for off-grid increasing capacity, with an impressive Max. PV Input Power 3500W that has placed it in a class on its own. This particular device was also made to carry even up to a maximum number of units in parallel up to six units. Indeed, it is one of the very best around.

5. Canadian Solar 320W PolySolar Panel – C6X-320P

You can get this Inverter with just R 2 080 and it will serve you reasonably well. It is a nice Inverter for its money, even if it isn’t one of the very best you will find in the market due to obvious reasons – its price. And while this particular inverter is one of the cheapest you will find and buy in South Africa (of great quality), we should also note that it is quite nice to a reasonable extent.

6. The Sun Pays 4KW Axpert Pure Sine Wave Inverter Parallel

This goes for R 8 995 and is also a nice one that can be recommended to anyone in need of a good inverter in South Africa. It was made with LCD settings to help the owners be aware at all times of all that is going on within the Inverter. This pleasant device offers a surge of 8W as well as a continuous output of about 4KW.

7. Victron Phoenix Inverter 24 800 230V Schuko Battery Inverter

This goes for R 3 565 and is one of the cheapest you can buy in South Africa (with good quality). Despite the price of this Inverter, you should know that it is superb for all high tech appliances, and it also comes with a continuous power output of about 230VAC.

8. Voltronic Power RCT Axpert 1KVA 800 W Inverter

This also goes for R 3 310. It has a 25Amp 600W Charger MPPT Solar Charger Controller, as well as a configurable AC/Solar Input priority. If you don’t want to spend too much money on an inverter, you can go for this one.

9. Solis 5.0kW 4G Dual MPPT Solar Grid Tie Inverter

This Inverter goes for around R 17 550 in South Africa, but the features are nice for its price. It came with different nice functionalities such as WIFI and monitoring app capabilities. The Inverter offers maximum DC power of 5800 and is great for home appliances. It also has a great range of protection functions.

10. 4000W Off Grid Hybrid Solar Power Inverter with MPPT Solar Charger

You can buy this for up to R 6 937 in South Africa. It is a very nice solar Inverter that is great for both off the grid and on grid systems. This device is great for all home appliances and supports smart control. One of the most interesting things about this is that it is designed to operate even under harsh conditions. You can also conserve battery by engaging the power saving mode.


In Conclusion

Home inverter prices in south africa start from around R 2 080 and can be as high as R 17 550 depending on the type of inverter you want to get.

You have the liberty to buy the type of inverter you want to get based on your preference and the features you want (there are different types in South Africa). You simply have to take some steps towards researching the ones you know have the right power efficiency for you.