Artificial Leg Price In South Africa (2023)

Artificial Leg, which is also known as prosthetic legs, is carefully manufactured to help those with leg amputations move around easily. A good artificial leg can function almost the exact way as a real leg, and it can be gotten in different parts of South Africa today.

Artificial leg price in South Africa can be anything from R 4 500 to as high as R 160 000 depending on the type you are going for. Some can even be much more than these figures, based on several factors.

How Much Does Artificial Leg Cost In South Africa

The price of a good prosthetic leg in South Africa can be up to R 160 000. It should however be noted that these artificial legs were made in different grades. There are cheaper ones that you can get for around R 4 500 in South Africa, although it is always advisable to focus on something with great quality.

Getting An Artificial Leg In South Africa

First, you should know that an artificial leg is not always recommended to everyone at all times, although it works well with many others. Hence, it is important to go to an appropriate center when considering getting prosthetic legs.

The fact is, when we talk about something like amputation, each individual is unique and has a unique place. Therefore, getting an artificial leg is beyond what you just decide to jump at individually – but you should rather work in partnership with your doctor.

Your doctor should work with you to determine if there is enough soft tissue to cushion the remaining bone, as well as the condition of the skin on the limb. The extent of your pain should also be considered, as well as if the other leg is still healthy.

According to an expert, one of the things that can be put into consideration is the type of amputation that occurred. A below-the-knee artificial leg can be easily used when compared with an above-the-knee prosthesis, as seen in several cases.

Before you conclude on getting an artificial leg in South Africa, it is also important to consider the reason behind the amputation in the first place. This is because it may affect the health of the residual limb.

Generally, the person getting the artificial leg should give great attention to their physical health and lifestyle. It will be easy for someone active to do well with an artificial leg than someone inactive.

Technology for prosthetic legs is getting even better, and you can have better options based on the resources at your disposal. Right now, there are exciting developments in prosthetic limb technology. For instance, some artificial legs are microprocessor-driven now.

With computer chips and sensors infused to make movement smoother and better, microprocessor joints are a good option that can be considered.

Additionally, there are even specialized artificial legs that were made to serve different specific purposes. So, let’s say you want to run, for instance, there are nice ones already made to serve the purpose. Technology is even making it possible to modify the usual prosthetic leg to serve different purposes.

One of the things that seem to be well-known now is what is called osseointegration surgery. Here, a metal implant is simply infused into the bone. Therefore, technology has eradicated the necessity of a socket.

It should however be added that osseointegration surgery is still under study, and is not for everyone. But from what has been stated, it can offer an enhanced range of motion as well as sensory perception.

Where To Get Artificial Leg In South Africa

There are several places to get an artificial leg in South Africa, in different parts of the country. You can visit any of these places:

1. M de Barros Orthotics and Prosthetics

Located in Windsor Park in Cape Town, M de Barros Orthotics and Prosthetics offers orthotics & prosthetics services that can be really helpful to anyone in need of an artificial leg.

2. Van Emmenis Orthotics and Prosthetics

Van Emmenis Orthotics and Prosthetics is located in Silverlakes Rd in Pretoria, with a staff that attends to patients of all ages. It doesn’t even matter their amputation levels, there is usually something for everyone at Van Emmenis Orthotics and Prosthetics.

These guys can be patronized for world-class prosthetics, some of the best around the world. They have expertise in engineering and fitting high-performance prostheses.

Van Emmenis Orthotics and Prosthetics can boast of utilizing the latest technology for its advantage, to benefit users. It doesn’t matter what you want – Premier Prosthetic Feet & Knees or Microprocessor Limb System fitment, you can visit these guys.

3. Orthoworx

Orthoworx has been in this for a while now, and the organization has experts that can help pair your body with the right orthotic and prosthetic device that you need to enhance your well-being.

Orthoworx has different branches in different parts of South Africa. There is a branch in Balitto and Howick, as well as other places like Stanger, Durban, and Pietermaritzburg.

4. Du Toit Orthopaedics Inc

You can buy custom and off-the-shelf orthotic and prosthetic devices at Du Toit Orthopaedics Inc. Located in Roodepoort, Du Toit Orthopaedics Inc is a prominent supplier and manufacturer of these devices in South Africa.


In Conclusion

Artificial leg price in South Africa can be anything from R 4 500 to as high as R 160 000. Usually, the ones with better components are costlier but make movement easier for the person.

There are different places to get an artificial leg in different parts of the country, and you will be helped to move around your home. If you need one that can make stuff like running seamless, you can easily purchase them. Therefore, it is important to patronize only those that are really good at this, who can make use of the most advanced techniques to get things done.