How To Fill Z83 Form (2023)

You have probably heard about the Z83 Form, and how you need it to get a government job. So now you probably want how to get it, what it looks like, how to fill the Z83 form and anything else that you need to look out for when filling the form. Well, what you have heard is true, you need an accurately filled Z83 form to correctly apply for government advertised positions.

The government has a different way of hiring; it is more centralized, and so it funnels all applications through the same channel for better record keeping. The Z83 form is the way in for fresh applicants who want to join the government workforce. If not correctly filled, it automatically disqualifies the candidate because not only does it show that the person is unqualified, but it also shows that the applicant may be dishonest.

In order to get a shot at the government job you want, it is absolutely crucial that you correctly fill out the form. In order to do that you need to understand what you are filling; the information required in each section, as well as every other basic requirement. 

How To Fill Z83 Form

The Z83 form is divided into eight different sections. Each one of these sections has a specific category of information that one is expected to fill in. From your personal details to qualifications, to work experience. Let us highlight them one by one. 

The first section, which is labeled “Section A” on the z83 application form, requires you to provide details about what position you are applying for. In this section, one will be required to fill in details about the particular post that they are interested in and also about the particular government department under which the vacant position has been advertised. The applicant will also need a reference number for the post. This is provided in the job advert sponsored by the department. It is also very important to fill in the time you can start work; some positions are time-sensitive and must be filled immediately.

The second section is labeled “section B.” This section is all about the personal details of the applicant. This is the appropriate place to fill in details about yourself; including your name, race, gender, identification number, details of your citizenship, and also whether you have been convicted of a crime.  You will also be required to state whether you have any forms of disability. 

The third section is labeled “section C.” In this section the applicant will be required to fill in their details for the purpose of communication. In this section, the only contact detail that is mandatory for one to fill in is the telephone number. Any other detail could be chosen by the applicant: you can choose what platform with which they can contact you. 

The fourth part of the form is all about language proficiency. This is where you tell them what languages you are proficient in. Communication is a very important factor when selecting candidates for certain positions. However, it is very important not to overstate your abilities; there will be an interview during which your communication skills will be evaluated.

The fifth section is the part of the form in which you state your qualifications. You will be required to provide details of your academic qualifications. Interestingly, you can decide not to fill this area; you decide to just attach a copy of your curriculum vitae which will clearly state all your academic qualifications.

 The sixth section is the part of the form where you are required to provide details about your work experience. As with the section above, you do not need to fill this part if you have attached a copy of your CV. 

Section G is the seventh part of the form where one is required to give details of the referees. This is important because the government wants to know that you are known by high-profile members of society. Once again, it is not mandatory to fill in this part of the form if the applicant has attached a CV.

Example Of Filled Z83 Form 2021


Example Of Filled Z83 Form 2021
Example Of Filled Z83 Form


What Is A Z83 Form?

The Z83 form is the application for employment document of the government of South Africa. This is a document with which anyone who wishes to apply for any position in any of the departments of the government has to use. However, you do not just get the Z83 form, fill it, and send it in without an invitation to do so. You only use this form to apply for a position that has been recently advertised. Furthermore, the form must be filled legibly, and submitted in a timely manner.

The next question is how to get the form in question.

Where do I get a Z83 Form?

The easiest way to get the Z83 form is by going online: the document is available on the Ministry of Labour’s website. If you have a computer or tablet you can just go to the government website and download it immediately. You can download it in one click, and save it on your laptop or tablet.

When you click on the link provided on the ministry’s website the system will automatically execute the Z83 form download pdf command. You can then decide to fill in the pdf format Z83 form, and submit it immediately. That may be the timely solution, but one must certainly be cautious about this option because the risk of sending it in with undiscovered errors is quite high. 

Therefore the better option would be to download it on your computer, and then opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may then print it, and fill it by hand without any rush.

Perhaps an easier option is to get the word document. There is no difference between the word document and the PDF, but not every computer has an installed PDF reader. 

Anyway, one should take the time to read through every section of the document, regardless of which version of the document (PDF or Word) you have downloaded. Please ensure that you understand the information required at each section of the form, and ensure that you fill it in a clear, legible manner.



A Z83 Form is a comprehensive form that is designed to provide all the necessary information about an applicant for a government department job; from the applicant’s personal details to his academic qualifications, and work experience. When you have filled the form and attached all necessary documents, the next thing is to submit it by mail to the address in the advertisement through which you found out about the position you are applying for.