Top 10 Jobs in Demand In South Africa (2024)

South Africa has a strong economy when compared with what is currently available in various other countries on the continent. While not perfect, there are still many numerous job opportunities in the country that are offering great returns to those engaging them. Nevertheless, these top 10 jobs in demand in South Africa can be seriously considered by those bent on working in a relevant space at this time.

Top 10 Jobs in Demand In South Africa

1. Software Engineer

As expected, a job in the IT space is coming first. Due to the advancements in technology, one of the most prominent jobs in demand in South Africa currently is Software engineering. Well, in reality, not only in South Africa alone but even in various other parts of the world.

If you are wondering what the career is all about, a little explanation will prove helpful. A software engineer is skilled when it comes to designing and implementing software solutions. These experts have what it takes to apply engineering principles in crafting software that satisfies the demands of their clients.

If you want to go into software engineering, you should know that you will be responsible for supervising development, meeting clients, as well as assessing their needs. Generally, reliable sources established already that software development and engineering roles are the fastest growing here.

2. Network Administrator

One of the top jobs in demand in South Africa is Network Administrator. If you are taking up a role as a Network Admin, you should know that you will be saddled with the responsibility of running and maintaining IT networks. Of course, you should know what it takes to set up networks too – but a majority of what you will do should revolve around maintenance.

The job will require one to identify and troubleshoot issues with either software or hardware, as well as check the system for any vulnerabilities.

3. Data Scientist

Many organizations of various types are working with huge amounts of data today for various reasons. They are usually in need of data scientists who are experts when it comes to handling these data. These professionals have the skills to process this huge data and use them to make useful information.

If you work as a data scientist, you will know how to make use of statistics and computer science methods to look at data and extract any actionable information.

4. Health and Safety Manager

Now, let’s deviate for a moment from the IT space. While discussing the top 10 jobs in demand in South Africa, we have to include the role of a health and safety manager. Due to various reasons, in today’s world, a lot of importance is given to workplace health and safety.

Before now, serious bodily harm and even death were a regular occurrence at several organizations. However, currently, there are stricter workplace safety laws guiding the affairs of organizations. The core job of a Health and Safety Manager is to see to it that these laws are vehemently implemented to make the work environment as safe as it ought to be.

5. Accountants

Interestingly, this is a career that has been consistent for many years now, even till this moment. We must realize the fact that the average organization is bent on keeping its financials in check and well accounted for. For good reasons, systems and structures must be in place to see to it that every penny spent and earned is recorded and logged. Thus, accountants are always needed.

As an accountant, you must see at the organization’s financial books to ensure they are in order. The accountant must take note of even the smallest expense to make things work continually.

6. Agricultural Engineer

Now, let’s move to agriculture. As you should see, some of the prominent jobs in demand in South Africa are not just in the IT space alone. You should know that despite all that is going on in the South African economy, agriculture is still important.

Of course, the sector is passing through a lot, which brings agricultural Engineers to the forefront. They have what it takes to deal with issues by applying engineering principles. Agricultural Engineers have what it takes to address stuff like irrigation, energy, power, etc.

7. Lawyer

Lawyers have been around for many years now, known as professionals paid for advocating for their clients. When it comes to legal matters, lawyers have given themselves vehemently to the study of legal matters, and so have the expertise to represent their clients in court and other legal forums.

As a lawyer, you also should know how to exercise certain actions for your clients. For instance, you offer legal advice, draft sound contracts, etc.

8. Business Consultant

If you are a business consultant, you are saddled with providing solutions for businesses. As a business consultant, you are to work with the company’s goals and bring things to the table to ensure they materialize.

As a business consultant, you should know how to improve business processes, introduce new methods, etc. Business Consultants at this time should have what it takes to change and upgrade obsolete practices.

9. Hospital Administrator

As a hospital administrator, you are going to be doing all it takes to see to it that business operations are running well. When you get to a hospital, you will simply come across doctors and other professionals like nurses. However, hospital administrators are backstage making sure that business operations run smoothly.

If you are taking up this role, you are saddled with the responsibility of seeing to it that health professionals have proper credentials and training. Also, you should design and enforce hospital policies. It should also be added that you have to work with local government and other institutions to take the organization forward.

10. Pilot

Finally, pilots are relevant, as people still fly. Not everyone can become a pilot, hence, these are experts whose services are still needed.



The above are some of the jobs (better-called career options) careers in demand in South Africa that are open to you. Not only are they open; they are in high demand. What is left is for you to choose one, and show the dedication necessary for you to have a place in any of those fields. Don’t forget to check again soon as we will be updating this page as we find it necessary. 

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