Michaelhouse School Fees, Calendar, Sports & Address

Michaelhouse school is a senior college created exclusively for male students. The institution was established in 1896 and is situated in the Balgowan Valley, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. The school was founded by an Anglican canon, James Cameron Todd. Initially, Michaelhouse School started with 15 boys in Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg before it later moved to Kwazulu-Natal.

The main mission of Michaelhouse School is to ensure that a progressive and dynamic education system is provided for South African boys. The system is targeted at assisting the male students to learn how to regard individual needs, to supports diversity and change in pursuit of academics, promote sporting and cultural eminence, and exhibit good leadership skills.

Michaelhouse School Fees Structure

 Michaelhouse Fees Name  Fees (ZAR)
 Non-refundable registration fee  950
 Annual Board and Tuition E to A Block  347,680
 Voluntary Development Levy  6100
 Debtors Admin Fee  4929
 Non-refundable acceptance fee (Resident)  37,500 (Half Term)
 Non-refundable acceptance fee (Non-Resident)  106,920 (Full Term)
 Non-SA resident refundable deposit  66,920
 Fees after 3.5% discount for payment in advance  335,511


Debtors Admin Fee: ZAR 4220
(For South African residents not paying by debit order)
(For Non-South African residents that do not pay fees in advance)

Additional charges levied:
Stationery and textbooks and personal purchases.

Michaelhouse School Core Values

Michaelhouse School operates with some major core values. These core values will be provided below.

  • Integrity

Integrity is a major value that the school deeply appreciates. Michaelhouse is dedicated to doing what is expected and needed even when nobody is monitoring. The institution believes that trust is earned by being honest and transparent.

  • Humility

This is another value that is highly-regarded by the Michaelhouse School staff. The school employees are ready to always accept their flaws and shortcomings. They are also trained to see everybody as a gem with unique and important personalities. As this value is highly regarded by the school, it gives the students a better chance to open up their minds and give opinions which could help in achieving a greater Michaelhouse.

  • Courage

Michaelhouse school isn’t only interested in developing the students to become better people, they are also consistently enthusiastic about standing up for personal rights, forestalling happenstances of lawlessness, and ensuring determination in the face of adversities.

  • Compassion

This is a great value that is needed in every institution to promote academic excellence. The teachers in Michaelhouse are affectionate, amazing, and fabulously engaging. They promise to work with every student and provide them with all the necessary support that would help them excel in their academics.

  • Service

Michaelhouse is focused on delivering the best educational service to all South African boys. Michaelhouse has a good reputation because it offers an awesome teaching service.

Michaelhouse School Sport Life

Michaelhouse believes that sporting activities are part of what is needed for students’ development. That is why the school ensured that it provides top-notch and standard sporting facilities that all the boys would enjoy. The school is renowned in South Africa for its excellent and significant performances in inter-house sports events. Michaelhouse school provides students with sports events such as football, hockey, athletics, cricket, basketball, golf, rugby, squash, and tennis.

Michaelhouse Calendar

  • Term Dates
    • QUARTER: Tuesday 17 January –  March Friday 24
    • Half-Term: Thursday 16 –  February Monday 20
    • Lent Quarter Calendar
    • PENTECOST QUARTER: Monday 17 April – Friday 23 June
  • Half-Term: Thursday 18 – Monday 22 May
    • MICHAELMAS QUARTER: Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September
    • Half-Term: Thursday 17 – Monday 21 August
    • CHRISTMAS QUARTER: Monday 09 October – Friday 01 December
  • Half-Term: No Half-Term



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