List Of All Short Law Courses At UNISA

The University of South Africa (UNISA) is one of the most formidable institutions of learning in South Africa. This institution which is one of the oldest in the country (established in 1873) has been one of the biggest contributors to the education system in South Africa. The school is one of the most respected and popular places of learning, and currently has around 381,483 students currently enrolled.

One popular attraction to the University of South Africa is the short law courses at UNISA. These are one-year intensive courses on specific areas of the law, to help build capacity among legal practitioners, and to help those working in fields that require awareness about the law, so as not to contravene the law, or infringe upon the rights of those they come in contact with.

After spending one year studying these short law courses at UNISA, you will find yourself better equipped to handle legal issues in your field. They are capacity-building courses, designed to make you better, and therefore increase the general legal climate in the country. 

List Of All Short Law Courses At UNISA

Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law – 76228

This short learning programme is designed for legal and accounting practitioners, auditors, company secretaries, and others. This course is intended for those with advanced knowledge of the legal principles and applicable laws in specific areas of corporate law and securities law. The course covers topics like fundamental transactions, affected transactions, and market abuse.

Advanced Programme in Children’s rights – 76959

The Advanced Programme in Children’s rights is a course designed for Social auxiliary workers, child and youth care workers, youth development workers, and teachers. This course is also valuable for psychologists, social workers, and social service professionals. The course is also a worthy venture for police officers, probation officers, criminologists, victimologists, correctional officers, home affairs officials, and nurses. This course makes them more aware of the rights of the child, so as to perform better their duties as relates to handling children.

Advanced Short Course in Business Rescue Practice – 76790

This Advanced Short Course in Business Rescue Practice is designed for business professionals, to help them better understand the legal principles that apply to business rescue proceedings. Some of the target participants include lawyers, legal advisors, auditors, financial advisors, bank decision-makers, investors, and especially liquidators. Others include businesspersons, managers, and trade union representatives.

Advanced Short Course in Intellectual Property Management and Innovation – 76818

The Advanced Short Course in Intellectual Property Management and Innovation is designed for lawyers, Innovators, managers, and technology transfer officers. This course is designed to support Authors, Writers, as well as managers, and technology transfer officers. The course will enable them to protect themselves against publishers and other people in the industry who wish to profit from the hard work of innovative people. 

Course in Anti-Corruption and Commercial Crime Investigation – 7246X

The Course in Anti-Corruption and Commercial Crime Investigation is designed to educate investigators in the fundamental principles and art of fighting corruption and commercial crime investigations. This course will enable them to become better investigators; they will be more difficult to evade and have more integrity. 

Course in Deceased Estates Practice – 76252

The course in deceased estate practice is designed to equip students with the legal and practical knowledge and skills necessary for drawing up wills, establishing trust funds, and administering the wills and estates left behind by deceased persons. 

Course in Law for the Music Industry – 77035

This Course in law for the music industry is specifically designed for music professionals. It is very similar to the advanced short course in intellectual property management, only that this course is specifically designed for musicians, business managers, agents, and promoters. The course is also valuable to music industry executives and other employees.

Course in Practical Labour Law – 72710

This course in practical labour law is a one-year programme designed for people who work in Industrial relations, human resources, as well as trade union officials and lawyers. This course is designed to give trade union officials, small entrepreneurs, and line managers of big companies the first introduction to those aspects of employment law that they may encounter on a daily basis, and which would make South Africa a better working environment.

Course in Security Practice – 72486

This course is introductory in nature and is aimed at security officials and security supervisors involved in the security industry in southern Africa. Furthermore, the course is also aimed at persons who are not yet working in the field but who are interested in a career in the security industry.

Course in the Introduction to Corporate Governance – 71978

This course is the introduction to corporate governance is a one year course designed for employers or labour or potential employers of labour, and members of the board rooms of big companies. Due to the fact that this course is an introduction, the target group will mostly be individuals at the middle management level, just coming into top management positions. This course will help them better appreciate the tenets of corporate governance which will make South Africa a better place for people to work.

Other Short Law Courses at UNISA are:

Programme in Classification of Media Content in South Africa – 76960

Programme fundamentals aspects of children’s rights – 76961

Programme in Provincial and Local Government Law – 01732

Programme in Security Management – 72494

Short Course in Pension Funds Law – 72729

Programme in Advanced Labour Law – 72737    

Short Course in Refugee Law and Humanitarian Support – 72877

WIPO-Unisa Intellectual Property Specialisation Programme – 7621X 



The UNISA short law courses cover every aspect of the law, from Refugee Law to Intellectual Property Law, and these laws assist with capacity building in matters of law. These courses are open to legal practitioners, humanitarian workers, students, and corporate executives who wish to build their capacity on the job.

Because the law is such a vital pillar holding up society, UNISA, by building capacity in law, is also building up the South African society now, and creating a better future for our children.

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