Cape Town is known as one of the most populous city in South Africa (it is actually the second most populous after Johannesburg). The city is also the country’s legislative capital. There are some nursing colleges in the city that are in the business of training anyone qualified to become a professional nurse. 

Here is a list of nursing schools in Cape Town. 

List Of Nursing Colleges In Cape Town

  • 1. Western Cape College Of Nursing

Full Address Of The Institution: Klipfontein Rd, Heideveld, Cape Town, 7764, South Africa

Tel Contact: +27 21 684 1200

  • 2. New Hope School Of Nursing

 Full Address Of The Institution: 17 Old Stanhope Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa

Tel Contact: +27 21 671 2334

  1. Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses

Full Address Of The Institution: Alphen Hill Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa

Tel Contact: +27 21 799 1116

  1. Sarleh Dollie Nursing College

 Full Address Of The Institution: Tygerberg, Glenlily, Cape Town, 7501, South Africa

Tel Contact: +27 83 860 4006


Nursing is such a wide field (and an exciting one too) that is pretty broad and wide. You can choose to opt for a particular area of specialization where you become an expert in a field after you have been trained as a nurse at the basic level. 

Nursing Colleges In Polokwane
List Of Nursing Colleges In Polokwane

Here are the several areas of specialization:

  1. Midwifery: 

A midwife is trained to take care of women during pregnancy and also help them in the delivery of their babies. This is a field that will always be relevant in the healthcare sector. 

  1. Maternal and Child Health Nurse: 

This area is similar to the above, but there are some differences. Here, you are to care for mothers and babies before, during, and also after delivery. Just like the above, your services will always be relevant. 

  1. Community/Public Health Nursing: 

Here are nurses trained to cater to community health such as communicable diseases. You also get involved in activities like immunization and the rest. 

  1. Paediatric Nursing: 

They are nurses that are trained to take care of ill or injured children. While no one loves to fall ill, many people keeps falling Ill each day. 

5· Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing:

Here are nurses specially trained to take care of persons who are mentally ill.

  1. Accident and Emergency Nursing:

They are specially trained to offer immediate care for persons with injuries from any kind of accident or emergency.

7· Theatre/Peri-operative Nursing:

Here are nurses that are specialists in working in theatre with surgeons while they conduct operations. 

8· Ophthalmic Nursing:

In this field, you get trained to provide care for persons with eye illnesses and injuries

9· Critical/Intensive care Nursing : 

These nurses are equipped to provide care of patients that are critically ill and need intensive care as well as monitoring.

10· Geriatric Nursing:

Here is another area of specialization where you get trained to take care of ill or injured elderly patients

11· Occupational Health Nursing: 

These nurses are trained to cater to the health of workers in workplaces, as well as protect them from work hazards and other injuries

12· Orthopaedic Nursing: 

These are nurses specially trained to care for persons with illnesses or injuries to muscles and bones

13· Lecturer in Nursing (Academia): 

If you don’t fancy being in the hospital or clinic, you can decide to go into the academics to trained others to become professional nurses. You can become a nursing tutors, a lecturer, and even grow into a professor. You can teach nursing in nursing colleges and universities. 


The nursing profession is an exciting one that offers you the chance to decide where you want to adequately function and where you want to work. You can decide to work in a hospital and even elsewhere. You know, many times, people only look at the hospital when it comes to the working place for nurses.

Indeed, as a nurse, you can choose to work in other places, not in the conventional hospital. You can work in schools as a school nurse/ matrons, in the Military, in Industries as occupational health nurses, and so on. So, if you are dreaming about going for this profession, you have nothing to be worried about, simply go for it. 


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