Top 10 Private Investigators In South Africa (2022)

There are different reasons people hire the services of private investigators in South Africa. And, indeed, there are several folks and organizations offering this service. However, some are more prominent than others, and have been around for many years now. Due to the superb services they offer, they can be recommended to anyone in need of the services of a private investigator in the country.

Top 10 Private Investigators In South Africa

Here are prominent private investigators in South Africa:

1. J&C Absolute Spy

This is one of the best private investigators you will find in the country. Located in Vereeniging in Gauteng, these guys are good with fraud investigations and similar cases. Talk about blackmail and bribery investigations, law investigations, surveillance investigations, and even civil ones. These guys are trained experts in this.

When it comes to child abuse investigations and other domestic investigations, you can always count on them. If you want to monitor your children so you will be sure of what they are doing behind your back, this firm can help you do that with ease. This means, you don’t have to be always bothered about what your kids may be doing behind your back that is not good.

The firm has the technology to track and unravel things that you want to be unravelled. They offer even corporate investigations, employee investigations, and other similar stuff. So, let’s say you are an employer who is doubting the sincerity and honesty of your workers, there are things to put in place to know what they are really doing behind your back. A company like this has the knowledge and skills (plus the tools) to take care of such situations.

2. Intertel Investigations

Intertel Investigations is not just some small firm that’s just starting out in South Africa. The company has been around since 1993, and is one of the oldest you can find around. Therefore, they are fully experienced when it comes to things that pertains the services they offer.

Based in Cape Town, Western Cape, Intertel Investigations has worked for several clients in the country, and has been delivering results since inception. It is also interesting to add that Intertel Investigations is not just an African thing, since the company is also located in several other parts of the world.

3. Armed Security International

Armed Security International is located in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, and was founded back in year 1997. The company is a professional one who can be patronised for different types of security needs.

This is truly a security company that works 24 hours every single day in the week. The company offers services like: security guarding, industrial security, commercial security, shopping centre/mall security, civil disobedience & riot control, specialised private investigations, undercover investigations, identity thefts and missing persons investigations, cctv installations and offsite electronic monitoring, alarm installations and monitoring, security risk analysis, vehicle and asset monitoring and tracking, access and perimeter security control systems, and so on.

4. Spy Shop

Spy Shop is located in Oakdene, Johannesburg, in Gauteng. While the company is younger than several others, it is offers services that will suit your needs if you are looking for a private investigator in South Africa.

These guys are experts when it comes to investigations, corporate offenses, and other similar cases. They have the skills to insert hidden cameras and secret recorders that won’t be noticed. You can even patronise spy Shop for bugging and de-bugging products and services.

6. Supra & Detective Agency

Located in Gauteng, Supra & Detective Agency was founded many years ago, and have gathered a whole lot of experiences to thrive in this industry. The privately owned company operates in all parts of South Africa, with experts that are skilled with their job.

The company is indeed committed to providing and maintaining the best standards towards their clients needs. Interestingly, Supra Detective Agency treats all investigations strictly confidential, dealing with commercial organisations, high profile folks, Financial and Legal Institutions, and so on. Hence, you can patronise their services irrespective of where you are in South Africa.

7. Effective PI

Located in Cape Town, this is another company that is offering the services of a private investigator in South Africa. The company has detectives that are properly trained and can help attend to issues in one’s personal or professional life which is within the jurisdiction of its services.

While Effective PI is not yet as big as certain others on this list, you can take advantage of their expertise anyways. The firm provides investigative services to individuals, commercial enterprises, law firms, and so on. Nevertheless, this is usually suitable for folks around Cape Town as well as its surroundings.

Like others, the guys at Effective PI can boast of being in possession of the latest and most up to date surveillance and electronic tools you will see around here.

8. E private Investigators Inc

Located in Johannesburg in Gauteng, here is another company that provides different types of confidential investigative services. The company is fully licensed and there are experts that will work with you to meet exact requirements of your needs.

Interestingly, E private Investigators Inc claims to offer free initial consultation. Therefore, you simply need to reach out.

9. Silent Investigations

Silent Investigations is in Johannesburg, Gauteng. These guys too have been around for some time now, offering these unique services to those in need of them. The company has experts that can help with private investigations and assignments that has to do with all types of domestic and matrimonial investigations.

It is known that humans can be secretive and unpredictable. Therefore, having knowledge of certain things about someone else can save you from a lot of headaches. Let’s say a family member is dealing with someone that should not be trusted, you can engage services of this sort to get things settled. Rather than folding your arms and be at risk of what is not good (which can be avoided), you can patronise a private investigator like this.

10. Net Investigation

Last on the list is Net Investigation. These guys provides services along this line, boasting to be one of the largest national investigative professionals around.

Anyone that desire to hire a detective or private investigator with law enforcement experience can go for this one. The company offers the likes of surveillance, data recovery, mobile monitoring & tracking, infidelity investigations, and so on.

In Conclusion

These are some of the most prominent private investigators in South Africa, and you can patronise any of them. Definitely, there are several reasons why people are in need of such services. For instance, they can be beneficial to victims of identity fraud. Also, in such a case where you are negotiating a business deal and seek to uncover any mysterious thing about the other parties, you can go for it.

Finally, be sure of the company you will opt for, so you can exempt yourself of unnecessary headaches. It is helpful to seek reviews from experienced folks before settling for a particular company.