Top 10 Richest Lawyers In South Africa (2024)

The law profession is no doubt a lucrative one. And while there are numerous lawyers in the country, certain ones can fit into the category of the wealthiest lawyers in South Africa. This category of lawyers possesses a combination of legal expertise, business acumen, ethics, and interpersonal skills.

The list of the richest lawyers in South Africa includes Odette Geldenhuys, Des Williams, Sally Huton, Tebogo Malatji, Jackie Midlane, Brain Khan, David Hertz, Jeremy Botha, Christo Els and Ezra Davids.

Top 10 Richest Lawyers In South Africa

1. Odette Geldenhuys

Odette Geldenhuys is one of the richest lawyers in South Africa who makes a lot of money for what she does with the profession. It is quite known that the foundation of any successful lawyer is a deep understanding of the law. Hence, a lawyer like Odette is not only well-versed in her specialized field but also continually updates her knowledge to stay ahead in a constantly evolving legal landscape. Therefore, she earns a lot for her services.

It should also be added that she is famous for founding the first pro bono clearinghouse in the country many years ago. The woman has been the recipient of numerous awards during her illustrious career in the legal industry

2. Des Williams

The legal profession attracts individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Becoming one of the best and richest lawyers in the country often requires a unique blend of qualities, education, experience, and business acumen. This is something we can point to Des Williams, who works at Werksmans Attorneys.

He is famously experienced in commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution. He is a successful lawyer who works tirelessly on behalf of his clients, as he is committed to providing the best possible legal representation.

3. Sally Hutton

Being a leading lawyer in the country and working as a managing partner at Webber Wentzel, this woman also makes a lot of money doing what she enjoys doing. With a speciality in finance and business law, she has the features of superb lawyers in the world. For instance, we can talk about her effectiveness in communication, which is a lawyer’s most critical tool. Superb lawyers like her excel at conveying complex legal concepts clearly and understandably to both clients and juries.

4. Tebogo Malatji

Negotiation is a crucial aspect of the legal profession, as superb lawyers are skilled negotiators, capable of securing favourable settlements for their clients without going to trial. Tebogo Malatji, who is the Managing Director at Malatji & Co. Attorneys, can be brought into the picture.

His law firm is based in Sandton, and he can boast of over 25 years of legal practice experience. When it comes to his skills, he is well versed too. Like his contemporaries around the world, we can recount their ability to present a compelling case, cross-examine witnesses effectively, and handle unexpected developments.

Also, you should know that many successful lawyers in the country run their practices or are partners in law firms. Business acumen is crucial for managing finances, marketing, and growing legal enterprises. So, here are some of the things we can’t ignore about him.

5. Jackie Midlane

Another outstanding and wealthy lawyer in South Africa is Jackie Midlane. She is the Director and Head of Banking and Finance at Norton Rose where she earns well for offering her services. One of the things we can say about her, like her contemporaries in the world, revolves around the importance of building and maintaining a strong professional network. Folks like her cultivate relationships with clients, colleagues, judges, and other legal professionals to access resources and opportunities.

6. Brain Kahn

This is one of the most revered Lawyers in South Africa. He is a well-trained and respected lawyer who has worked for various departments and organs of state in the country and has earned a lot of money too. He is an exceptional lawyer who prioritizes his client’s interests. He is empathetic, responsive, and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for those he represents.

7. David Hertz

David Hertz serves as the Chairman of Werksmans Attorneys, boasting extensive expertise in the realms of litigation and conflict resolution. His areas of specialization encompass arbitration, mediation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), competition law (with a particular focus on unlawful competition), corporate law, and corporate fraud.

Werksmans Attorneys is one of the best and wealthiest Lawyers in South Africa. We should add that being the chairman of the firm, he enjoys consistent acclaim in global assessments, consistently earning recognition as a prominent legal practitioner in Dispute Resolution by Chambers Global and garnering high recommendations in Dispute Resolution.

Remember that the legal field is evolving with advancements in technology and changes in society. The best lawyers are adaptable and open to new tools and approaches that can enhance their practice. This can be said of a man like David, as all of these help in taking him here.

8. Jeremy Botha

Jeremy Botha is one of those lawyers in the country doing well for themselves. In April 2006, he took on the role of Chief Executive Officer at Werksmans Attorneys. His professional journey commenced with a strong foundation in financial management and taxation, where he contributed his expertise to several of South Africa’s foremost corporations.

It should be noted that before his tenure at Werksmans, Jeremy held the position of General Manager at Adams and Adams, a prominent intellectual property law firm, for a substantial five-year period. During this time, he honed his skills in a wide array of executive functions, with a particular focus on finance, information technology, human resources, and marketing.

In an increasingly diverse world, the best and richest lawyers in South Africa embrace inclusivity and diversity, understanding that varied perspectives enhance problem-solving and client representation. This is something we can talk about Werksmans Attorneys too.

9. Christo Els

Christo Els is a legal expert specializing in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate finance, equity capital markets, and securities regulation law. He has provided counsel on a series of significant, transformative, and international transactions within Sub-Saharan Africa.

As an outstanding lawyer, he is aware of the place of ethical standards, as the best lawyers around the world are aware that upholding high ethical standards is non-negotiable. Also, for a man of this caliber to get here, it shows he is given to continual learning.

Christo Els’s expertise and experience in complex corporate transactions and regulatory matters have established him as a leading authority in the field of corporate law, particularly within the dynamic Sub-Saharan African market.

10. Ezra Davids

Ezra Davids serves as Bowmans’ chairman and senior partner, specializing in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital markets, and securities law. As its lead partner, Ezra has recently advised on notable transactions, including guiding PepsiCo through its significant USD 1.7 billion acquisition of Pioneer Foods, a deal recognized as the Deal of the Year 2020 by DealMakers.

This acquisition marked one of PepsiCo’s most substantial investments outside of the United States. He also played a pivotal role in the historic merger between SAB Miller and AB InBev, valued at a staggering ZAR 1.8 trillion or USD 107 billion. This merger was a landmark event in the global beverage industry.

Ezra Davids’ expertise in these complex areas of law and his involvement in these high-profile transactions underline his integral role in Bowmans and his significant contributions to the field of corporate law and finance. He is one of the wealthiest Lawyers in South Africa.



Some of the richest lawyers in South Africa have a reputation for being some of the best around. They possess a combination of legal expertise, business acumen, ethics, and interpersonal skills. They continuously strive to improve, adapt to changing circumstances, and prioritize their client’s needs while achieving financial success through their legal practice.

These outstanding lawyers in South Africa have a global perspective. In an increasingly interconnected world, they expand their practices internationally, catering to a global clientele. Hence, building a strong personal brand and effective marketing strategies is helping boost their visibility and reputation, leading to more clients and higher earnings.

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