Top 10 Richest Cities In South Africa (2024)

  1. South Africa can boast of some of the most vibrant cities in the whole continent of Africa, much ahead of what is available in certain other places. Based on the concentration of high-net-worth individuals in some cities, they are classified as wealthy.

The richest cities in South Africa include Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Cape Winelands, Garden Route, Pretoria, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Benoni and Thembisa. In these cities, you will come across folks with a wealth of $1 billion or more, as well as individuals with a wealth of $1 million or more.

Top 10 Richest Cities In South Africa

1. Johannesburg

The richest city in South Africa is Johannesburg, and it is said to be home to over 14,500 millionaires. Often referred to as the “City of Gold,” Johannesburg is a dynamic and economically vibrant metropolis located in Gauteng province. It has earned this nickname due to its historical association with the discovery of gold in the Witwatersrand Basin in the late 19th century, which spurred its rapid growth and development. Even today, the city still stands as one of the wealthiest and most influential cities on the African continent.

Johannesburg’s wealth is evident in its thriving economy. The city serves as the financial heart of South Africa, hosting the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), one of the world’s largest and most established stock exchanges. It’s a hub for banking, finance, and various multinational corporations, making it a significant player in the global economy.

The city’s infrastructure is a testament to its prosperity, boasting modern skyscrapers, well-maintained roads, and a robust public transportation system. Neighbourhoods like Sandton and Rosebank are known for their opulent shopping centres, upscale hotels, and luxury residences, catering to the affluent. Hyde Park, Sandhurst, and Westcliff are among its most exclusive suburbs.

2. Cape Town

Cape Town is another rich city in South Africa with over 7,000 millionaires. Its most affluent suburbs are Constantia, Bakoven, Bantry Bay, etc., and you will also find many rich folks in places like Omerset West, St. James, and Tokai.

Cape Town boasts breathtaking landscapes, including the iconic Table Mountain, pristine beaches, lush winelands, and the stunning Cape Peninsula. All of these things attract tourists and contribute significantly to the city’s wealth through tourism and the real estate market.

The city is a thriving economic hub, home to several multinational corporations, financial institutions, and tech startups. Its economy encompasses various industries, including finance, manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture, making it one of the country’s wealthiest regions. Additionally, the city’s growing tech sector and startup ecosystem attract investment and talent, driving economic growth.

3. Durban

Durban is one of the wealthiest cities in South Africa and is home to over 3,000 millionaires. Located on the eastern coast of South Africa, its wealth can be observed from various perspectives, and it is indeed a vibrant and dynamic metropolis. The city is a thriving hub with a diverse economic base.

Durban boasts a bustling port, one of the busiest in Africa, which facilitates trade and commerce, contributing significantly to South Africa’s economy. This strategic location has attracted multinational corporations, creating job opportunities and fostering economic growth. The tourism industry also plays a vital role, drawing visitors with its beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and the warm Indian Ocean.

Durban has invested in modern infrastructure, including world-class hotels, shopping centres, and educational institutions. This has attracted both local and international investment, solidifying the city’s status as an economic powerhouse in South Africa.

4. Cape Winelands

Cape Winelands is home to over 3,000 millionaires too, and it can boast of several exclusive lifestyle estates such as Val de Vie, De Zalze, Domaine des Anges, and Winelands Estate. Renowned for its opulence and natural beauty, it exudes wealth in various forms, making it a sought-after destination for travellers and a prosperous hub for the wine and tourism industries.

Cape Winelands boasts some of the world’s finest vineyards and wineries. The fertile valleys, such as Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl, produce award-winning wines that fetch high prices in international markets. It is also characterized by a luxurious lifestyle. Lavish estates and boutique hotels dot the countryside, offering top-tier accommodations and exquisite dining experiences. These establishments cater to those seeking a taste of the high life.

5. Garden Route

There are some 3,000 millionaires here, with well-known affluent towns like Plettenberg Bay, George, Keurboomstrand, Knysna, etc. Often referred to as a region rather than a city, this area encompasses towns and cities along the Southern Cape coast and boasts a certain level of affluence and economic prosperity.

Its stunning natural surroundings make it a magnet for tourists and wealthy retirees. The region is blessed with lush forests, pristine beaches, and a mild climate, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a high-quality lifestyle. Also, the real estate market in the Garden Route reflects this affluence, with luxury properties, upscale resorts, and gated communities dotting the coastline. Additionally, the region’s tourism industry is a significant contributor to its wealth, offering an array of outdoor activities, fine dining establishments, and world-class golf courses.

6. Pretoria

Home to over 2000 millionaires, it is not surprising that the country’s administrative capital is here. Pretoria’s economy is diverse, encompassing industries like finance, manufacturing, and technology. It’s a hub for government agencies, foreign embassies, and international organizations. This concentration of governmental and diplomatic activities drives economic activity and provides employment opportunities.

The city is home to numerous museums, including the National Zoological Gardens, the Voortrekker Monument, and the Freedom Park Heritage Site, which showcase South Africa’s rich history and heritage. The diverse architecture, from colonial-era buildings to modern skyscrapers, reflects its historical significance and economic development.

The presence of several top-notch educational institutions, including the University of Pretoria, contributes to the city’s intellectual wealth. These institutions attract students and scholars from across the country and the world, fostering an environment of learning and innovation.

7. Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg, located in the KwaZulu-Natal province, is a city with a rich history and diverse cultural heritage that contribute to its wealth in various aspects. It boasts a rich historical legacy and its historical wealth lies in its ability to offer insights into the country’s past.

A vibrant city with a diverse population, you will come across several well-to-do folks living in different parts of the city. Also, Pietermaritzburg’s art galleries, theatres, and music venues showcase the talents of its residents and contribute to a thriving cultural scene.

We should also add that Pietermaritzburg’s natural wealth is remarkable. The city is surrounded by lush landscapes, including the picturesque Midlands and the Drakensberg Mountains, making it a hub for outdoor enthusiasts. Its proximity to wildlife reserves like Tala Game Reserve adds to its natural wealth, attracting tourists from around the world.

8. Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein, often referred to as the “City of Roses,” is one of the richest cities in South Africa. Well, its richness transcends mere economic wealth, encompassing a diverse range of assets. It is a thriving economic hub with a burgeoning agricultural sector, mining activities, and a growing services industry.

The city’s strategic location at the crossroads of major transportation routes has fueled its economic prosperity. Bloemfontein’s Free State Stadium has hosted national and international sporting events, contributing to the local economy and bolstering its status as a prominent city. The city is also home to the National Museum, showcasing South Africa’s cultural and historical treasures.

9. Benoni

Benoni, located in Gauteng, can also boast of several millionaires. Founded in 1881, it played a significant role in the gold mining industry during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Hence, its population includes individuals from various backgrounds, languages, and cultures, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive social environment. Remember, Benoni is part of the bustling Gauteng province, known as the economic heart of South Africa.

Benoni is also rich in natural beauty. It is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including the serene Homestead Dam, and it offers various recreational activities like boating, picnicking, and hiking. The city also houses several lush parks and gardens, contributing to its aesthetic wealth.

10. Tembisa 

Tembisa is also situated in the Gauteng province of South Africa, famous for being a vibrant and culturally diverse urban centre with significant richness. It is a melting pot of different ethnic groups, languages, and traditions. Tembisa is considered one of the wealthiest cities in South Africa.

Tembisa boasts a growing economy with a variety of businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. It is strategically located near Johannesburg and Pretoria, contributing to its economic vibrancy. Also, it is surrounded by lush landscapes, parks, and green spaces. Its proximity to the O.R. Tambo International Airport provides convenience for travellers and trade, further adding to its economic potential.



Highlighted above are the richest cities in South Africa known for various factors that contribute to their richness. Aside from the big concentration of high-net-worth folks, they can also boast of vibrant economies amongst other things.