Second Hand Clothing Bales In Randburg – Top 10 Place/Store To Get Them (2024)

Buying second-hand clothes in Randburg is cool on several grounds, and many have embraced them for different reasons. In this article, we will explore where you can get them in huge measures around Randburg. We’ve attached their physical addresses as well as their phone numbers.

Second-Hand Clothing Bales In Randburg

Second Chance

Physical Address: 153 Bram Fischer Dve, Gauteng, 2194, South Africa, City of Randburg

Phone number: 011 787 4736

The Curiosity Charity Shop

Physical Address: 225 Beyers Naudé Dr, Northcliff, Randburg, 2115, South Africa

Phone number: +27 11 888 0707

The Olde Charity Shoppe

Physical Address: Witkoppen Rd &, NewMarket Rd, Northriding, Randburg, 2162, South Africa

Phone number: +27 82 881 7122

Rags And Lace

Physical Address: 358 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park, Randburg, 2196, South Africa

Phone number: +27 11 787 2130

Cash Converters Ferndale on Republic

Physical Address: Shop L81, Shopping Center, Republic Rd, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Phone number: +27 10 446 7739

Cash Converters Randburg

Physical Address: 220 Bram Fischer Dr, Kensington B, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Phone number: +27 87 820 4270

Cash Crusaders Randburg

Physical Address: Cnr Oak Ave & Sentrum Rd Shop 512, Randburg Square, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, South Africa

Phone number: +27 11 326 2806

JAM Clothing – Randridge Mall

Physical Address: Randridge Mall, John Vorster Rd, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, 2169, South Africa

Phone number: +27 11 791 4722

Cash Crusaders Belhar

Physical Address: Bel Air Shopping Centre, Bellairs Dr, Northriding, Randburg, 2169, South Africa

Phone number: +27 74 138 9368

Cash Converters Honey Crest

Physical Address: Cnr Beyers Naude Dr & Duiker Ave, Shop 30, Honey Crest Shopping Centre, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, 2169, South Africa

Phone Number: +27 11 794 6241

All You Need To Know About Buying Secondhand Clothes

Here are some benefits associated with patronizing secondhand clothes:

Buying secondhand clothing saves money

Many people are a fan of secondhand clothes because it helps them save a huge amount of money easily. One can easily get high-quality clothing without breaking an arm. This is so cool.

Extending clothes’ life-cycle

Many folks usually sell/drop off their clothes at thrift stores because they don’t want them again for whatever reason, despite being in a good condition. Yes, it is possible to do this if it no longer fits or if it is no longer one’s style. But rather than throwing it away and getting it wasted just like that, the dress can still be useful when offered for sale at thrift stores. When gotten from the shop, the new owner will own something so lovely on them, which is cool.

Promoting sustainable fashion

Secondhand clothing also promotes sustainable fashion. You should have come across the slow fashion movement before now. Folks that are in for secondhand clothes also play a great role in this. Their activities also ensure people slow down regarding fashion, by putting on used clothing rather than always getting the fashion world too busy unnecessarily with quick and new stuff.

Secondhand clothing is unique

Many thrift stores are filled with second-hand clothes that are pretty unique and very affordable. Many times, it’s unlikely that you come across the same item whenever you go shopping for secondhand clothes. When you get particular clothing, you might be the only one wearing that brand in your environment. Don’t be surprised that you won’t even get that exact item anywhere again. Hence, folks who want to have one-of-a-kind clothing, can simply patronize thrift stores and get secondhand clothes.

Buying secondhand clothing saves resources

Folks who patronize secondhand clothing occasionally are helping the environment and saving resources too. Indeed, the resources have already been utilized to produce the piece of clothing. So, rather than getting something new which takes resources to produce and distribute to a store, getting used clothing doesn’t deplete any more resources.

So, yes, being a fan of secondhand clothes doesn’t only save resources, but one is also doing the environment huge favour, contributing to the well-being of the environment. It is amazing how seemingly little things could introduce a positive impact on the environment. Everyone can become a good contributor.

Reduces fast fashion demand

Nothing wrong with getting new clothes. Nevertheless, we must always apply wisdom, due to the funny taste of folks out there. The activities of fashion lovers could increase the demand for fast fashion. Hence, when one gets secondhand clothing from thrift shops and ignores new ones, they are contributing to ethical fashion and are depleting the demand for fast fashion.

We should be aware that some folks now have a funny mindset that clothes can easily be discarded at will, due to the tons of new clothes being introduced by fast fashion brands now and then. These could build unnecessary competition and headaches. This is something buying secondhand clothes can curtail. If more people opt for this, fast fashion companies have to conform to the new norm.

It is cool for fashion lovers to build a more sustainable wardrobe and ignore fast fashion. Fashion lovers can influence a whole lot of things in the market. Demand could propel the introduction of more and more stores. 

The thrill of discovering a treasure

As stated earlier, there are different reasons people do away with clothes that they felt they don’t need again. Nevertheless, these clothes could be a precious treasure to others somewhere else when found at thrift stores. What a person deemed as trash could become someone else’s treasure. 


It is thrilling to shop for secondhand clothes in a thrift store. Now imagine the much intense thrill when you ended up finding a treasure, something amazing. The feeling could be golden indeed. 

In conclusion, there are tons of benefits attached to patronizing secondhand clothes in South Africa, and there are several places to get many of such around Randburg. Enjoy the experience as you patronize thrift stores around Randburg.