How to Transfer Money from Capitec to FNB (2023)

For some reason, there are a lot of people asking about how to send money from Capitec to FNB. Perhaps most people have no idea how cash send works, or maybe they just find the Capitec interface different and interesting. Many people want to know how to use the Capitec e-wallet, how to reverse money transfers using the bank’s system, and they want to know whether the Capitec cash send is reliable. Anyway, Capitec has over the years gained a solid reputation in South Africa for its quality banking services, and it is for this reason that the bank has become the fastest-growing financial institution in the country.

Therefore, we can say that Capitec has excellent banking services, and this no doubt extends to internet banking, Capitec Banking App, and other means via which one can make transfers from Capitec Bank to FNB. The processes are easy enough.

In this post, I detailed how you can make cash transfers from Capitec to FNB via the various banking channels so that the process of sending money to friends and family can become as easy as counting your fingers.

How to Transfer Money from Capitec to FNB

Using cell phone banking 

To send money from Capitec to FNB using the cell phone banking service follow these steps:

Just dial *120*3279# and then press send to perform banking on the go. If you don’t have airtime, dial *130*3279# first to top up your airtime. After that, go back and press *120*3279#. 

The system will present options on your screen; Tap ‘Transact.’ 

After that Tap ‘send cash’ and then enter your remote PIN.

Then you go ahead and choose the “From” account Enter the amount you wish to send.

Then you need to Create a 4-digit secret code, and then send it to the recipient. He will enter the code in order to receive the money.

The Capitec money transfer process is easy. Cell phone banking is a feature of the Capitec bank that allows you to make money transfers, as well as pay for items using your cell phone (you can also use your mobile phone if you like). The process does not require you to use an internet connection, neither does it require you to have data.

The bank does not charge a monthly fee for this service. In order to register please just visit the nearest Capitec bank branch to you. please go with your cell phone, and your Global one card.


Capitec Smartphone Banking app 

To send cash to FNB using the Capitec app, just open the app, log in with your profile details, and then tap “Transact.” After that, you just click on “Send cash.” The system will at this point require you to enter your remote PIN. After that, you must then choose which account to transfer money from.

The next step is to enter the cash amount that you want to send.

After that, you then create a four-digit secret code which you will send to the person you are sending the cash to. The person will enter the code for him to be able to receive the money.

Capitec App is a smartphone app designed to give you the flexibility and convenience that even betters what they can get at a branch of the bank. With this app, you can send money to friends and family members using FNB with all the ease and convenience in the world.

With this app you also have the advantage of being able to track your spending; the app will even put your spending into subcategories for you so that you know how much you are spending on food, transportation, communication, and so on.

Ewallet Capitec 

E-wallet is a service of Capitec Bank with which the bank allows you to use online banking services that using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can use this service for purchasing items online, as well as for sending money to friends, family members, and workers or business partners. Since Capitec is the second biggest bank in South Africa, and since it is the fastest-growing bank in South Africa, it should not be a surprise that the e-wallet is one of the most popular means of performing online banking transactions in South Africa.

Apart from keeping one’s money safe, the e-wallet is very time-saving and convenient. Let us highlight some of the security features of the Capitec E-wallet.

The Capitec master pass is a security of the Capitec E-wallet that protects individuals from fraud and theft. The E-wallet also has saved all user information concerning payments in a secure remote location, as with other sensitive information. The encryption also protects users so that when they make purchases, their information is not visible to the merchants. Personal details are not relayed to the merchant so that if the merchant’s servers are compromised, the Capitec user is not at risk.

Random Transaction number: When a user initiates a transaction the E-wallet system generates a random transaction which the user will use for the transaction. This number is valid for only a short window of time, meaning that if it is a fraudster trying to gain access to use funds he is not likely to succeed.

Only limited funds available: perhaps the most interesting part of the Capitec E-wallet is the fact this product only has the money designated to it by the account holder. This is quite different from most other online banking systems in which all the money in a person’s bank account (sometimes his entire life savings) is available for transfer through online means. With this Capitec e-wallet, when you buy something, only a specific amount, perhaps the exact cost of the item you wish to purchase can be seen and accessed.

Capitec even allows you to enable other security features including patterns and fingerprint scans.



There you have it; that is how to transfer money from Capitec Bank to FNB bank and other banks using three of the bank’s remote banking channels. Capitec has made remote buying and selling so easy, and the bank still gives you the advantage of freely tracking your expenses. When you use the bank’s app you get all your expenses neatly lined up into categories enabling you to track your expenses. In the app, you also see your spend history in the notifications so you keep mindful of your monthly budget.

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