Work Visa For Dubai From South Africa (2022)

Dubai, the biggest metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, often cited as The City Of Gold is a booming site for business activities. The City of Gold is a fantastic business site choice because of its thriving economy and how effortless foreign workers are to procure work visas.

Proficiency in web development, data extraction, UI design, international relations, and statistical analysis is highly demanded in Dubai.

Perhaps you are a South African considering working in Dubai, and you are wondering how you can obtain a work visa for Dubai from South Africa; wonder no more. I will guide you through getting a work visa for Dubai from South Africa.

Categories Of Work Visa in Dubai

In Dubai, foreign workers will first have to obtain an entry visa before procuring a work permit to authorize them to work. A South African seeking to reside and function in Dubai will obtain an entry permit visa before obtaining a work permit.

The different categories of work Visa granted by the United Arab Emirates to foreign employees comprise:

1. Entry Visa.

2. Study Visa.

3. Visit Visa.

4. Numerous-entry Visa.

5. Tourist Visa.

6. Medical Treatment Visa.

How To Get A Job In Dubai From South Africa 

A foreign worker’s employer in Dubai is liable for the procurement of essential permits and visas and the expenses of visa tariffs. The following processes are to be followed to get a job in Dubai from South Africa.

First, the Dubai employer seeks to obtain authorization to employ the services of a foreign worker from the Ministry of Labor. Next, an entry visa that permits the worker to arrive in the United Arab Emirates and live for a primary duration of 30 days is then granted to the worker by the Ministry of Labor.

Upon arrival in Dubai, the foreign worker possesses a timeline of 60 days to procure a residence visa. The employer then commences the work permit application process following the worker’s arrival in Dubai. After that, the worker procures an ID with a credible passport and entry visa from an Emirates ID service hub.

Afterward, the foreign employee visits a government-owned hospital for a medical assessment and enrolls for a residence visa via the immigration authorities. A compilation of the relevant documents is then provided for the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai, where the residence visa gets branded on a passport.

An employee can only start functioning in Dubai when they have procured work and residence permits.

What Is Required For A South African To Work In Dubai?

As a South African that desires to work in Dubai, you are advised to provide the following documents:

1. A copy of your ID Card.

2. Samples of your parent’s ID card or picture IDs

3. Driving license (optional).

4. Educational certificates verified by the United Arab Emirates consulate.

5. A copy of a passport that is credible for greater than six months.

6. Certificate verification from the United Arab Emirates Embassy.

7. Genuine medical certificate from a UAE government authorized hospital.



As a South African, you can obtain work visas for Dubai from South Africa. The government of the United Arab Emirates grants foreign employees different categories of visas. Foreign employees navigate through many processes to get a job in Dubai.

Some criteria are required of South Africans who desire to work in Dubai. I believe that the information provided has been of help to you. Please drop your comments in the comments section below.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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