Top 10 Affordable Retirement Villages In Gauteng (2023)

There are several retirement villages in different parts of Gauteng, built for various purposes and operating at different levels. However, we will explore some of the most affordable retirement villages in Gauteng that offers sophisticated services. While this is not to say these places are perfect, it is amazing to know that they are ahead of several others in the province.

These are some of the most prominent and affordable retirement villages around here:

Affordable Retirement Villages In Gauteng

1. Olivedale Retirement Village

First on this list is the popular Olivedale Retirement Village. This is a prominent retirement community in Gauteng that is located in Randburg, and you can take a trip there to explore the structures and the things made available there.

2. Maxhaven Retirement Village

If you are a retiree who desire to enjoy your retirement season without noise and headaches, you can move towards Maxhaven Retirement Village. This community contains spacious cottages as well as flats. The essence of all these is to guarantee that the inhabitants will enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

One of the interesting things that should be noted is that at Maxhaven Retirement Village, there are ample communal spaces, which means the residents can have the chance to mingle with friends and not embrace boredom.

Located in Cresta, Randburg, the center is close to several impressive amenities as well as medical facilities.

3. Thornhill Manor Retirement Village

You can be sure of tranquility here, as well as beautiful gardens with several other pleasant things. However, you must be 65 and above before you can be admitted to this place. At Thornhill Manor Retirement Village, you will have the opportunity to settle for any kind of abode you are more comfortable with.

The center has several two and three bedroom cottages that came with either single or double garages (everything is automated). Amazingly, the management already put in place very important things you will need, like dishwasher, fridge / freezer, DSTV satellite dish, and so on.

Thornhill Manor is sitting on a very large hectares of land, and you will enjoy security too due to its structure.

4. Riverside Retirement Estate

Riverside Retirement Estate is located in Sandton, and one of the best you can find around here. It is located on a secure and expansive riverfront property with various options for inhabitants. Riverside Retirement Estate doesn’t just have many beautiful homes, but also a Health Care Centre amongst others.

You will enjoy several benefits, including professional medical workers, nice lounges, dining spaces, a television room, and so on.

5. Heritage Mature Lifestyle Estate

If you are above 50, this place has been intentionally created for you to thrive and enjoy this stage of your life. This Mature Lifestyle Estate has been around for many years now, with a reasonable reputation.

Seniors can enjoy access to assisted living in an environment that is peaceful and beautiful. Interestingly, the management is being flexible about what anyone could opt for. It should also be added that this estate is sold sectional title basis with no waiting list.

6. Randjes Estate

Randjes Estate is one of the best retirement estates in the whole of Gauteng. It is a pretty popular one that is located in Johannesburg, with several satisfied users. This beautiful retirement Estate is a very splendid one that offers adequate care to folks in need of what they can offer.

It caters for Independent Residents who are in need of a nice place to spend their retirement season. It is also beneficial to folks in need of a little more care in their Assisted Living Facility, Frail Care and Memory Care Facility.

Randjes Estate was made very well to cater for pensioners as well as the elderly. It has various types of accommodation which are very spacious and well kept. It has a Chapel, goof security, laundry, and so on.

7. Monarch Eco Retirement Village

Monarch Eco Retirement Village is also a superb retirement community in Gauteng. Inhabitants can enjoy the bliss of active lifestyle in the midst of peace, since it is located in a secluded place.

Monarch Eco Village has several homes that promotes a safe, carefree and secure living experience.

8. Johannesburg Sappers Retirement Village

Johannesburg Sappers Retirement Village is located in Johannesburg, and is one of the prominent retirement communities in the whole of Gauteng. The place is well managed and has put in place a wonderful security as well as a superb office.

While this center is not a perfect place, it can still boast of having many satisfied users. Johannesburg Sappers Retirement Village is one of the most affordable you will find in the province, and it is generally a superb center.

9. Willowbrook Retirement Village

This is another impressive center in Gauteng that is situated in Sandown. It can boast of a superb residential living plan that came with nice serviced accommodation apartments. Willowbrook Retirement Village offers a variety of accommodation options to anyone interested in coming in.

If you desire a relaxed and friendly environment, you can come around here. It has bachelors or one bedroom apartments. You can benefit from its communal spaces to indulge in social activities with others.

It should also be added that Willowbrook Retirement Village provides fresh, nutritionally balanced meals three times daily to their inhabitants. Something else that has made this center a very remarkable one is that you won’t have to bother being the one cleaning and engaging general maintenance yourself. Rather, the staff will help you take care of these things.

10. Manor Retirement Village

Manor Retirement Village is located in Morningside, Sandton, and it is one of the most prominent in Gauteng. You can enjoy a whole lot of great things at Manor Retirement Village, and make friends with other inhabitants in the place.


In Conclusion

These are some of the most affordable and best retirement villages in Gauteng, always open to those who can fit into their requirements.

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