5 Best Android TV box in South Africa (2023)

Technology is marching forward at a vest fast pace. The Best Android TV boxes in South Africa are significant because they indicate a step into a world of technology that was not even imagined 20 years ago. Now, due to the stress of life, entertainment plays a much bigger role in our lives than ever before. That is what TV boxes are- a great deal of entertainment. 

This post may be introductory for those of our readers who do not already know what an Android TV box is. However, for the rest of us who already know what it is, but want to know about some of the most recommended brands available in the South African market, this will come as a very important article, one worth saving in your bookmark.

Before I get to the point of choosing the best products, let us first explain what Android TV boxes are, so that we have a clear indication of what we are talking about. When we have achieved that, we can then proceed to which ones come highly recommended.

What is an Android TV box?

An Android TV box is a special computerized device that enables smart television owners to connect directly to the internet through a Google operating system. The purpose of this is to give you direct access to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, or any other Television entertainment. Besides that, you will also be able to access Google Play Store for your favorite applications and unlimited streaming.

Android TV boxes are loaded with entertainment, and we have not even begun to feel the full power that this technology can offer. Android TV boxes are already taking over, as many people all across the world are beginning to choose this new tech for their entertainment needs.

The Best Android TV boxes in South Africa therefore are those are Google-certified. Yes, there are several Android TV boxes that are not google certified, and that work on copied versions of the software which is run on devices that look authentic, but as Google continues to expand the technology, those boxes will be left behind. This is why you want to buy only the authentic google certified android tv boxes.

Best Android TV boxes in South Africa

1. Xiaomi Mi Box S

The Xiaomi Mi is a top recommended android TV box right now in South Africa. This is a top performer indeed; it comes with an Amlogic S905X2 CPU. This TV box also has 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage space, and works on the Android TV 9.0 operating system. Anybody who knows anybody who knows anything about Android TV boxes will not hesitate to endorse this device, because it does its job reliably well.

This device also has Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. 

2. Telkom LIT Box

The Telkom LIT Box does not fall behind; Telkom has done a remarkable job on this product. This device has a slid build that does not seem to be bothered by rough handling. It also has 8G of storage which some people would complain about even though they would never even use the storage feature.  This Android TV Box also has the Amlogic s905x central processing unit and good RAM capacity.

It has an audio jack, as well as several ports like the HDMI, USB, SD Card ports. The device also has Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

3. KM8

This KM8 TV box is another Android TV box that comes well recommended. It is built with space conservation in mind, and that does not reduce its functionality. This device works with the Android TV 9.0 operating system and produces a flawless 4k display. It also has a large storage capacity for storing apps and your media files.

You get 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage space.

3. Skyworth Binge

Skyworth Binge Android TV box is another small but mighty device. The Skyworth Binge is built tough, and also has the power on the inside to meet your entertainment needs. With this device you can download almost anything downloadable; games, apps, media files- anything. It sports the Android TV 9.0 operating system and has all the goods that make a great TV box. 

The skyworth Binge Android TV box has 2GB RAM, 8GB storage space, and reliable Ethernet, and wireless connectivity. It is also quite cheap when compared to the others in the market range.

4. MyGica ATV495Max

MyGica ATV495Max Android TV box is another one of the TV boxes currently leading the way in the South African market. This product is very pleasing to look at; it has a very good design. But that is not all it has to offer; the MyGica ATV495Max Android TV box also packs a powerful engine that delivers on the company’s promise of high-quality entertainment production.

The device works on the Android TV 9.0 operating system and produces 4K graphics as well. It has good RAM, enough storage space, and Bluetooth as well as wifi connectivity.

5. Ematic 4K Android TV Box

The Ematic 4K Android TV Box is another solid competitor in the South African Android box TV market. This device is built with the Amlogic S905X CPU and has the Android TV 9.0 Operating System which is the industry standard. The Ematic 4K Android TV box has 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of Storage space. It produces 4K of video output. 

The Ematic 4K has all the standard Ports: one HDMI, two USB 2.0 ports, one SD card port, and the standard 3.5mm audio jack. It also has 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and Ethernet.

Okay, so the above are solid Android TV boxes that can conveniently handle your entertainment needs. But there is no doubt that there are still several questions you have about android tv boxes. Let us tackle some of those important questions:

Can you watch DSTV on Android TV Box

Yes, you can watch DSTv on your Android TV Box. You have to go through the DSTv NOW app. You can download this app on your Android TV Box just like you would download it on your phone. You would use your Smart TV as your monitor while navigating the procedure. Remember your Android TV box gives you direct internet access so it should be a breeze.

DSTV stated that they initially provided this option to help people watch programs and sports games when away from home, but now we can see how popular this feature has become. Some people don’t even bother with their decoders anymore.

What channels can I get on Android TV Box?

According to the advertising you can get ‘unlimited channels’ on your Android TV box. However, it seems that much would depend on the subscription package you already subscribe to on your DSTV.  

Do you pay for Android TV Box?

Yes, you pay for an Android TV Box. You pay when you purchase the device. You also pay for a streaming service such as DSTV or Netflix, depending on your preference. How much you pay depends on your particular entertainment needs; there are various packages available for each of the services.

You may even be able to watch movies for free on some platforms just using your Android TV Box. Nevertheless, one major advantage of a TV box is that it gives you the ability to save the programs you like onboard the system. 

Can Android TV Box Work on Any TV

The answer is a big no. you need to use a smart TV to connect with an Android TV box. If you do not have a Smart TV, please do not purchase an Android TV box. But if you have already done so, you will now need to buy a smart TV. There are several good brands in South Africa.

How much is an Android TV box In South Africa?

When planning on the best TV box to go for, it is advisable to consider your budget. Typically, Android TV boxes cost around R500 to R1500; and the differences between individual products are usually small: the number of USB ports, Storage space (which is usually between 8GB to 32GB), and then the RAM (which is usually between 2GB to 8GB, and which controls the speed with which you can flip between apps). 

The first thing to consider should always be your budget, and then you must make a choice based on what features you appreciate most in the devices.



Having an Android TV can help you fit in with the savvy crowd, but please pay attention to the costs. Furthermore, the major advantage it has over other sources of entertainment is that you can store as much content as you want. Let us also not forget to mention that with an Android TV box you are not tied down by any particular service: you can use DSTV this month, Netflix next month, watch free channels the next one, and continue full circle again.

Furthermore, the full potential of this product is still some time in the future, google will probably expand this as a gaming device for role-playing internet games, and many more features are coming.