Top 10 Best Aviation Schools in South Africa (2023)

Working in the aviation industry is the dream of many people for various reasons. Aside from the fact that it is a lucrative sector to work in, we should also note the fact that it can be very adventurous, particularly if you are working as a pilot or flight attendant.

The best aviation schools in South Africa include Aeronav Academy Limited, Cape Town Flight Center, Johannesburg School of Flying, Central Flying Academy, Madiba Bay School of Flight, 43 Air School, Progress Flight Academy, Avon Jet Africa, Durban Aviation Center, and Algoa Flight Center.

Top 10 Best Aviation Schools in South Africa

1. Aeronav Academy Limited

Let’s start with Aeronav Academy Limited, as it is one of the very best aviation schools in South Africa. Founded back then in 1970, it is one of the oldest of its kind in the country. Located in Lanseria Airport, the school has trained a lot of people since its inception, tutoring and building those who decided to become professional pilots.

If you think flying a plane is mysterious, then you should attend this Academy. You will be introduced to a strong and effective syllabus where you learn and know all you ought to know.

2. Cape Town Flight Training Center

One of the best aviation schools in South Africa is located at Cape Town Flight Training Center. Located in Durbanville, the centre is a very solid one that has the right equipment and facilities to train learners toward becoming professionals in this sector.

If you decide to learn to fly a plane at Cape Town Flight Training Center, you should know that you will be trained by experts who are superb pilots too. They have what it takes to provide flight tutoring and put you under thorough and effective training. You can come over to learn flight control, aircraft handling, as well as all manner of aeronautics best practices.

3. Johannesburg School of Flying

Johannesburg School of Flying is a school with a reputation for being one of the oldest of its kind in the country. Thousands of people have been trained at the school, and they are now doing fine in their different ventures. This flying school has a superb safety record as well as efficiency in service delivery.

It should also be added that to attend this school, you have to be ready to pay the fee which is around R 414,754. Located in Spitfire in Germiston, this is easily one of the flying schools we can recommend.

4. Central Flying Academy

Here is one of the largest flying schools in the country that has expertise when it comes to training both international and local students. One of the most interesting things that should be noted about Central Flying Academy is how all aircraft are owned by the academy.

The academy’s management team is the one operating and managing the aircraft, which should send a message of how organized the school is. Impressively, the academy has its accommodation for students, and everything is in place to ensure only the highest standards are maintained.

5. Madiba Bay School of Flight

Madiba Bay School of Flight is one of the leading flight schools in South Africa that was opened in 2006. A great aviation training facility, it offers training for private pilots, commercial pilot, multi-engine, etc. You should also know that you have to be ready to spend a reasonable amount of money if you would be admitted to Madiba Bay School of Flight.

If you are a South African, you will pay around R 378 000. On the other hand, international students are going to pay about R 400 000.

6. 43 Air School

Located in Port Alfred, 43 Air School is another great aviation school that should be included here. Since its inception, thousands of people have passed through the school and have been trained by the institution.

It should also be included that the institution offers good accommodation for their students, and it is one of the things that makes things easier. Lastly, we should add that the institution is reputable for being the only one of its kind around here that provides an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License.

7. Progress Flight Academy

Progress Flight Academy is located in Port Elizabeth Airport, providing interested students with nothing below the very best tools to flourish in the aviation sector. Established many years ago (some 30 years back), Progress Flight Academy is still consistent as far as being reliable is concerned.

Hence, if you are looking for a top aviation school in South Africa where you will be offered a great aviation course, you should consider Progress Flight Academy.

8. Avon Jet Africa

On this list of the top 10 best aviation schools in South Africa, we have to include Avon Jet Africa, as it is one of the very best aviation and flight training schools in South Africa. Located at Grand Central Airport in Midrand, Avon Jet Africa has some of the best facilities and it’s an organized one too.

It should also be added that Avon Jet Africa is filled with experts with superb knowledge as far as aviation is concerned. One of the nice things that are noted about the academy is that the educators are usually enhancing their tutoring skills.

9. Durban Aviation Center

If you desire to become one of the very best in the industry, you can consider enrolling at Durban Aviation Center. After graduation, the management will give you the necessary licenses as one who has passed through the system.

So, we can recommend this academy which has been around for some time now and is well disciplined too.

10. Algoa Flight Center

Founded in 1956, Algoa Flight Center is one of the earliest airports in the country. It is located in Port Elizabeth and is reputable for offering aviation training to pilots in a well-organized environment. If you patronized Algoa Flight Center, you will also get some licenses after the successful completion of your training.


In Conclusion

These are some of the best aviation schools in South Africa where you will receive the necessary training to become an expert in the aviation sector.