An important factor in the development of a society is transportation. Yes, the movement of people, goods, and services from one point to another is absolutely necessary. Without it, there can be no progress, no sustainable development, both in the mental development of the society or in the economy of the region.

Therefore, bus companies or bus lines play a very important role in the transportation sector of the economy. They help people travel from one place to another, taking along their knowledge or expertise, as well as goods, and whatever services they offer. Without bus companies, society would soon go back to the age of horse-drawn carts and buggies where it took weeks to travel distances that we now travel in a day or two.

There are several private bus companies in South Africa, regularly traveling national inter-city and cross border routes, as well as offering charter services.

List Of Bus Companies In South Africa

  • Citiliner/ Greyhound
    • Company Website:
    • : Telephone Bookings – 083 915 9000 / 011 611 8000.
  • City to City
    • Company Website:
    • : Telephone Bookings – 0861 589 282 / 011 774 8304.
  • Eldo Coaches:
    • Company Website:
    • Telephone Bookings – 011 213 9953
  • Intercape:
    • Company Website:
    • Telephone Bookings – 021 380 4400.
  • Translux:
    • Company Website:
    • Telephone Bookings – 0861 589 282.
  • Baz Bus
    • Company Website:
    • 0861 229 287  or +27 (21) 422 5202 (international calling).
  • Compassline Africa
  • Protours
    • Company Website:
  • Intercape:
    • Company Website:
  • SA Roaddlink
    • Company Website:
  • (MyCiTi)
    • Company Website:
  • View Africa
    • Company Website:
  • Scania
    • Company Website:
  • Bus Centre (Pty) Ltd
    • Address: Boksburg, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 11 918 2396
  • Intercity Xpress
    • Address: Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 87 150 1895
  • Mega Coach
    • Address: Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 11 249 8800
  • Bus Hire
    • Address: Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 86 122 7771
  • Lanzys Transport
    • Address: Ladysmith, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 83 590 4078
  • Pal Bus Services
    • Address: Emalahleni, South Africa
    • Telephone Bookings: +27 13 692 7241
Bus Companies In South Africa
Bus Companies In South Africa


Public bus services in South Africa is not an unregulated industry. There are several government agencies concerned with the development of this industry, and the provision of quality service to the general public. Other responsible bodies have also taken an interest in the bus service sector, so as to help them grow and ensure stability in the industry, which in turn translates to a better life for the general public in South Africa. We highlight some of them below

Department of Transport (DOT)

The Department of Transport is the government agency that is responsible for the regulation of Transportation in South Africa, that is, public transport, rail transportation, civil aviation, shipping, freight, and motor vehicles. As we have stated in the introductory remarks of this article, without good transportation there can be no development. The DOT’s motto is: “Transport, the Heartbeat of Economic Growth and Social Development!

National Public Transport Regulator

The National Public Transport Regulator is empowered by Section 20 of the National Land Transport Act, 05 of 2009. Its functions are to monitor and oversee public transport operators and their operations in the country. This is also the body in charge of issuing licenses- a thing they do after reviewing applications and inspecting the fleet of an applicant. They also take steps to ensure that the fleet is well maintained, the fares charged are fair, the dispersal of the transport vehicles are adequate, and so on Let us also not forget that this is the body in charge of accreditation of tourist transport services.

Department of Tourism (NDT)

Without being told, one can see that transportation is absolutely pivotal to the development of the tourism sector. The Department of Tourism South Africa aims to fulfill the national government`s goals of transforming the tourism sector in South Africa into a world re-known force of cultural impact around the world. This they try to achieve by creating the conditions for responsible tourism growth and development by promoting and developing tourism. As you already know, some bus companies operate as tourism and tour businesses, transporting tourists from all over the world to whatever locations they wish to visit in South Africa.

Department of Basic Education

The Department of Basic Education is the government agency that was formed when the former National Department of Education was split into two: the Department of Basic Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training. Well, as you probably already know, many of our children still have to travel to and from school every day. That makes the Department of Basic Education a key partner in development with the Bus Service Operators in South Africa.

The National Treasury

The National Treasury is the agency of government that is responsible for managing South Africa’s national government finances. They are also known for Supporting efficient and sustainable public financial management which is absolutely fundamental to the promotion of sustainable economic development, good governance, social progress, and improvement in the standard of living for all South Africans. This agency is empowered by the Constitution of the Republic (Chapter 13)  which mandates the National Treasury to ensure transparency, accountability, and sound financial controls in the management of public finances, which will, in turn, enable sound development in the country.

The Department of Labour

The Department of Labour publishes legislation that regulates labour practices and activities in South Africa. This agency partners with the bus service operators in order to ensure that the conditions of work are fair and agreeable to the workers in this field. This is important because when workers are happy they tend to put in the effort and the business tends to move smoothly, and this will ensure the free and rapid movement of people and services from one place to another.

South African Revenue Service

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is the agency that is charged with the business of tax collecting in South Africa. This agency is empowered in terms of the South African Revenue Service Act 34 of 1997 and operates as an autonomous agency. They are the agency that is responsible for administering the South African tax system and customs service.