Top 20 Most Profitable Business In South Africa (2024)

South Africa is ahead of several other countries in Africa in terms of development. The country has a whole lot of opportunities that can be utilized by anyone to create and build anything good that is valuable. If you are business inclined, you can decide to invest your resources in the country, as the clime is superb to help you succeed.

While there are several businesses you can decide to invest in and build in the country, some of the most profitable business in South Africa that can be recommended includes restaurant business, mining business, garments manufacturing business, bakery, agribusiness, real estate, car care products and accessories, IT and Telecom, construction materials business, and so on.

South Africa is a place filled with massive business opportunities since the government is committed to grow economically. Compared to several other African countries, it is easier to start a business in South Africa. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t faithfully play your own role to ensure the success of your business.

And if you need profitable business ideas in South Africa, then you can make do with these:

Top 20 Most Profitable Business In South Africa

1. Restaurants

If you have a reasonable amount of money that can be utilized as capital, then you should look towards starting a restaurant business somewhere around. The food business is a lucrative one when done right. Therefore, if you can invest in a restaurant that sells lovely food, you will do well.

2. Mining

This is a capital-intensive business idea quite alright. It requires a whole lot of effort, as well as getting an appropriate license from the necessary people. Nevertheless, it is very profitable if all is set as it should be. Don’t forget that South Africa is massively blessed with several minerals.

3. Garments manufacturing business

Of course, here is also a capital intensive one. However, don’t forget that this is something that is actually essential for everyone. Therefore, you shouldn’t struggle when it comes to selling your garments, making the business a profitable one indeed.

4. Bakery

You can consider running a bakery too, as it is another profitable business venture that we can recommend to anyone. One interesting thing about this one is that you may not really have to spend a whole lot of money as your startup capital, but you can make good money as your ROI. Remember, many folks in South Africa love fresh bakery products. Therefore, as far as you are good with the location of your business, you shouldn’t have issues with having good sales constantly.

5. Agribusiness

First of all, you should realize that agriculture is still lucrative since it has a whole lot to do with food. Therefore, it is easy to recommend something like this to anyone seeking to run a profitable business venture in the country. It is also interesting to note that agriculture is pretty versatile, and there is a whole lot to do. So, you can study the sector and opt for any branch you are more comfortable with.

We should also add here that when it comes to starting and running a business that revolves around agriculture, you can determine what capital you are running off with. So, let’s say you have just a small amount of money, you can start from somewhere, though you should be ready to put in a whole lot of effort. On the other hand, if you have huge capital, it gets easier, as you operate on a commercial level.

6. Real estate

Real estate is lucrative, not only in South Africa but in various parts of the world. This is a growing sector in that you can also partake as a direct stakeholder. Interestingly, it is also a versatile sector, since there are different things for different people to do. For instance, you can start a business that acts as a middleman. You can also buy properties directly and sell them for profit.

7. Car care products and accessories

There are great demand for these products in the country. This is easier since there are tons of cars and car owners in South Africa. Once people can associate your products with quality, you will likely have many patronizers.

8. IT and Telecom

This is something also versatile, and you have a whole lot of options too. Nevertheless, something is common: profitability. If you are smart, you will make good money easily by running a business that revolves around IT and Telecom.

9. Construction material

You can consider investing in a business that sells construction materials like bricks, sand, cement, and so on. Don’t forget that a lot of construction keeps going on in different parts of the country.

10. Online business

One of the exciting things about online businesses is that you don’t need to have huge money before starting out. In return, you can make a whole lot of money if what you are indulging in should be successful. You can choose to build a business around blogging, managing social media accounts, website design, and so on.

11. Cab service

Humans must move around from one place to the other, making use of available means of transportation. Therefore, cab services are popular around here. If you have the necessary resources, you can invest in this.

12. Gardening service

It is a smart thing to establish a business in South Africa that offers gardening services to interested people. It is one of the businesses that require fewer investments, but has good profits.

13. Event management

Every now and then, various people have different events they are committed to. You can make a smart decision by creating a business that revolves around helping them plan their business appropriately, and you will be handsomely rewarded.

14. Mobile accessories

Almost everybody these days own a mobile device. This has ensured a flourishing market for mobile accessories. Hence, folks seeking profitable business in South Africa can simply opt for sales of mobile accessories.

15. Grocery store

How about starting and running a grocery store where folks can purchase things they can’t do without? You sure can make a fortune if you should operate this in a busy area!

16. Baby sitting services

There are several working women who will gladly pay to have a trustworthy person help them babysit their children while they are at work. Once they can trust your services, you are good to go.

17. Delivery service business

This keeps growing all around the world, and South Africa is not left behind. You can create a business revolving around this too, and you will do superbly well if you are strategic enough.

18. Disposable cups and plates

Here is another profitable business that many are yet to give proper attention to. You can make good money producing paper cups and plates even in South Africa.

19. Photography business

Despite the influx of smartphones with nice cameras, there will usually be a need for the services of professional cameramen at events, photo shoots for weddings, magazine covers, and so on. Therefore, if you have an interest and skill in photography, you can go for this one.

20. Freelance content writing

Interesting, you can make a business by offering content writing services, and you can make reasonably well if you are really good with your crafts. The internet has presented a wide range of opportunities to content writers today, and you can go for this without needing to have big capital.



These are some of the most profitable business ideas in South Africa which anyone can invest their efforts and resources on. However, we should add that it is very necessary to see to it that you conduct your own due diligence before you take any reasonable step whatsoever. Take time to have a business plan to increase your chances of success.

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