Requirement To Study Medicine At Wits (2023)

Medicine is a course that deals majorly with health and healing. The course covers treatment, diagnosis, research, and many other aspects of health. Although medicine might be arduous, stressful, or frustrating besides, it’s still a course that most science students around the world respect and admire. Besides, it isn’t just science students who appreciate the course; most people across the globe do. People value medicine courses or healthcare workers because they contribute a great quota to mankind’s existence. Without medical professionals, many people would have died, and also, dangerous diseases would have been able to thrive seamlessly.

The University Of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, popularly known as the WITS University, is one of the best South African tertiary institutions for medicine aspirants. The university has cutting-edge facilities, over 1200 well-experienced tutors, and a good study locale. The Wits University was established in 1922 and is renowned for its consistent production of top-notch and proficient students. Have you been thinking about studying medicine at WITS? Or you wish to know more about studying medicine at the university? Don’t worry, the necessary information related to studying medicine at Wits University, South Africa, will be explained. Read further to know more.

Requirement To Study Medicine At Wits

What Subjects Are Needed To Study Medicine In South Africa

You must have studied certain courses before you would be admitted into Wits University, South Africa. These subjects are important and will help you throughout your stay as a medical student in the school. Moreover, in this section, the necessary subjects you need for admission into Wits University will be provided below.

  • English Language

The English language is a common course that serves as a prerequisite for entering most universities. To get admission into the Wits medicine faculty, you would need to register for and pass the English language.

  • Mathematics

This is a compulsory subject that you need to select and pass in high school if you aim to study medicine at the University of Witwatersrand. Mathematics is a topic that plays a significant role in the field of medical administration. Physicians and nurses can write prescriptions or prescribe medications better with mathematics. They also use algebra to draw up predictive diagrams of epidemics or medication success rates. Besides, mathematics is required for the X-ray and CAT scanning aspects of medical operations.

  • Life Sciences

You would need to study and pass life sciences before you are accepted into Wits university. Life Sciences will help you know how cells work in a diseased and healthy body. It also helps doctors in discovering new therapies and effective medicines. Life Sciences is highly necessary and is a compulsory subject you must pass before going to medical school.

What Is The Duration For Medicine At the Wits University

The duration of studying medicine at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, is six years.

How Much Does Studying Medicine In The Wits University Cost

The fess to study medicine at wits is quite affordable. The school fee for health Sciences courses at Wits ranges from R47, 810- R64, 600.



Medical professionals are specialists who preserve, maintain, and ensure good health among people. Doctors also ensure that carriers of deadly maladies live a good life. The overwhelming importance of medical practitioners directly contributes to a huge reverence and love for the specialty. Moreover, many students are planning to become professional medical doctors in the future. All required information on studying medicine at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, has been included in this article!