Criminology Requirements At UNISA (2023)

Criminology refers to the study of criminal activities through a society view. The idea of criminology revolves around discovering the impact and causes of crimes, and also, reasons why people commit those crimes. 

Criminology asks and answers the question- ‘why?’ It answers ‘why did a person commit a heinous crime or act criminally?’ The course, criminology mainly deals with issues that are related to criminal activities. There are multitudinous benefits that society derives from the study of criminology. First, the course helps to reduce crime. 

Criminology studies crime, discover and analyse its causes. This helps to reduce further happenstance of the same criminal activity. Another reason to consider criminology as a crime saver is because it studies the mindset of criminals and understands why they have done what they do. 

Another major benefit of criminology study to society is because it promotes the reformation of criminals. Criminology suggests the appropriate measures for the rehabilitation of criminals. 

The University of South Africa, popularly known as UNISA was founded on June 26, 1873. The institution is located in Pretoria, South Africa. UNISA is a university that is known for its great proficiency, high standards and strong reputation. The University of South Africa is a good institution where you can obtain a criminology degree. 

Criminology Requirements At UNISA

The requirements to study criminology at UNISA will be provided below

  • Duration of Course: Three Years
  • Minimum APS Score: 20
  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) (Degree endorsement) with at least 50% in the language of teaching and learning


  • A Diploma


  • A Senior Certificate (SC) with matriculation exemption or qualify for the exemption from the Matriculation Board with at least a D symbol on HG or a C symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning


  • A Higher Certificate

Is Criminology A Good Course In South Africa?

Studying criminology in South Africa isn’t a bad choice at all. The course pays its graduate quite well and offers them various opportunities to explore. The South African Police Service, SAPS Forensic Science Laboratory, the South African National Defence Force and SAPS Crime Information Analysis Centre are good places where you can work as a criminology graduate in South Africa. 

How Much Do Criminologists Earn In South Africa?

The salary range for this field is quite okay, ranging from R6,000 to R35,000 per month, depending on qualifications, specialisation, experience and location. Average salaries are around R20,000 per month.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Being A Criminologist

There are different benefits that you derive as a criminologist. Besides, in this section, the main advantages of being a criminologist will be explained

  • Solving Criminal Issues

As a criminologist, your main work will be to understand the motive behind criminal activities and if possible, rehabilitate the person who has committed the offence. Your work is to create different viewpoints to resolving criminal issues that may be a problem to the general public. 

The various results or reasons derived from your researches will serve as records that can be publicized publicly to prevent the occurrence of similar or related criminal activities. It is easier to make a difference in society as a criminologist. 

Also, as a criminologist, you have the choice of selecting from a wide range of careers; prison counsellor, probation officer, community development worker, crime scene investigator, detective officer, civil service administrator and so on. 

  • The Career Is Gripping

As a criminologist, your important role in enhancing your nation’s security is one thing; the excitement that comes with your career is another. Criminology is an intensely gripping course and an interesting field to specialize in. Criminologists usually have to deal with an unusual turn of events which makes the whole work activity seem like a great adventure. 

Criminology isn’t monotonous like other professional courses. Workers in the criminology field might have to engage in typing at a point and the next minute, end up in a crime scene- such an adventurous and interesting work.

  • It Involves The Usage Of Intellect

Criminology is a career that strengthens your analytical, reasoning and research skills. All the activities that are involved in the criminology field make you mentally sharp. This is another main advantage of you choosing to be a criminologist- sharp intellect. 



One of the most interesting and profitable courses in South Africa is criminology. Moreover, to study criminology, you should ensure selecting a proficient and standard institution. Selecting a good university will somehow affect and shape your prospects as a criminologist. 

The University Of South Africa(UNISA) is one of the best institutions in South Africa where you can study and earn a criminology degree. In this article, the requirements to study criminology at the University Of South Africa have been provided. Other related and crucial information you should know about as a criminology student in South Africa are also contained in the article. 

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