List Of All Damelin Courses Without Matric (2024)

A lot of folks trying to proceed to Damelin college usually do so after completing their high school and are trying to further their education. Nevertheless, there are some others who are interested in coming over to the college but do not own a matric. It is however understandable why many are interested in Damelin courses without matric.

The institution, owned by the Educor group, is a private college in South Africa; a citadel of higher learning that offers degrees and diplomas. A lot of students have passed through the institution, aiming for different types of high school qualifications.

The easy way to get into college is having high school qualifications. Nevertheless, if you don’t have matric, you might want to look at enrolling for any of their online Damelin courses without matric. Here are available online courses at Damelin College.

Damelin Courses Without Matric

Advanced Brand Strategy

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint

Advanced Microsoft Word

Agile Human Resources (R6,566)

AI for Business Managers (R10,816 only)

An Introduction to Professional Communication (R6,240)

Applied Principles and Practices of Corporate Governance (R7,125)

Beginner Microsoft Excel (R8,233)

Business Administration (R10,753)

Business Systems Analysis (R12,018)

Data Analytics (R17,584)

Disaster Risk Management (R6,900)

Effective Organisational Management (R9,500)

Entrepreneurship (R12,018)

Essentials of Alternative Dispute Resolution (R8,000)

Events Management (R10,753)

Finance for Non-financial Managers (R17,584)

Hospitality Management (R12,018)

Human Resource Management (R10,753)

Intermediate Microsoft Excel (R8,223)

Introduction to Management (R13,283)

Introduction to Public Administration (R12,018)

Introduction to Risk Management (R9,008)

Introduction to Sustainable Development (R7,830)

Introduction to Training and Development in the Workplace (R9,450)

IT Management (R12,018)

Labour Law (R10,753)

Logistics Management (R17,584)

Managing Social Media Risks (R10,753)

Marketing Management (R12,018)

Monitoring and Evaluation in Community Development Projects (R9,500)

Negotiation for Conflict Resolution (R7,200)

New Business Creation (R6,400)

Office Administration (R8,267)

Operations Management (R12,018)

Principles of Human Rights and Social Advocacy (R8,500)

Project Management (R10,753)

Public Relations Management (R12,018)

Remote Team management and Communication (R8,500)

Sales Fundamentals (R12,018)

Strategic Management (R12,018)

Supply Chain Management (R17,584)

Understanding Change Management (R6,400)

Adobe Design Applications: Adobe Illustrator (R8,223)

Adobe Design Applications: Adobe InDesign (R8,223)

Adobe Design Applications: Adobe Photoshop (R8,223)

Adobe Design Applications: Graphic Design (R13,283)

Advanced Brand Strategy (R13,584)

Introduction to Photography (R10,753)

Principles of Graphic Design (R10,735)

UX/UI Design (R12,860)

Counselling Skills for Teachers (R8,267)

EdTech in the Classroom (R12,018)

Foundations of Teaching Grade R (R10,753)

Foundations of Teaching in Early Childhood Development (R10,753)

Learn to Teach Online (R7,356)

Online Learning: A Crash Course for Parents (R5,486)

Teaching Remedial Learning Support (R10,753)

Coding for Websites (R12,018)

Database Fundamentals (R6,400)

Fundamentals of Mobile Apps Design (R8,400)

Intermediate JavaScript (R7,200)

Introduction to C# Language (R7,200)

Introduction to PHP Language (R7,760)

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (R400)

Introduction to Progressive Web Applications (R8,450)

Introduction to Web Design (R5,200)

WooCommerce for Beginners (R4,800)

With their online courses, they are focused on providing important in-demand skills training that can be easily taken via online programmes for learners from different places in the country. With all of these, anyone can be vehemently enabled to become proficient and can go into the marketplace to thrive.

If you don’t have a matric, you can always further your education and move higher than where you are currently.

Of course, having a matric will give you more opportunities. You can just decide to take a matric rewrite and have access to more courses from this institution. Here are prominent courses you can enroll in with a matric:


Diploma in Media and Graphic Design

National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting

Diploma in Human Resource Managemen

National Diploma: Financial Accounting

Diploma in Public Administration

Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies

Diploma in Public Relations

Higher Certificate in PC Engineering

FET Certificate: PC Engineering

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Media and Graphic design

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Higher Certificate in PC Engineering

ICB Programme in Income Tax Returns

ICB Programme in Entrepreneurship

ICB Programme in Research Theory and Practice

National N Diploma: Civil Engineering

ICB Programme in Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns

FET Certificate: Bookkeeping

Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences

Bachelor of Commerce Marketing and Business Management

Bachelor of Commerce in Information Management

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting


Damelin College Contact Details

You can always contact the institution via several means – either their head office or their other campuses scattered across the country. 

Head Office

57 Underwood Road



South Africa


Tel. 0860 532 887



Braamfontein College

Tel: 011 242 3400



Randburg Campus

Tel: 011 796 2000



Vaal Campus

Tel: 016 421 4154



Centurion Campus

Tel: 012 663 2000



Menlyn Campus

Tel: 012 471 3300



Pretoria City Campus

Tel: 012 406 0000



Overport Campus


Tel: 031 268 9400


Durban City Campus

Tel: 031 304 0600



Pietermaritzburg Campus

Tel: 033 345 0688



Port Elizabeth Campus

Tel: 041 506 7700



East London Campus

Tel: 043 726 4291



Cape Town City Campus

Tel: 021 462 6160



Mowbray Campus

Tel: 021 681 6000



Nelspruit Campus

Tel: 087 087 3378



Bloemfontein Campus

Tel: 051 430 8030




Damelin College has been around for many years now and can boast of a buoyant wealth of experience when it comes to dispensing quality education to learners – it was actually founded back then in 1943. Damelin college is a glamorous school that is regulated by the appropriate authorities in the country, and their courses are divided into full-time and part-time plus long distance.

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