Can I Do My Matric In 3 Months?

Having a Matric certificate is very helpful in a country like South Africa. Apart from being pivotal in one’s quest to further one’s education, it also opens up several opportunities which might be out of reach for folks without one. Hence, a lot of people are usually eager for the certificate, wanting to know how it works and several other things attached to acquiring one.

Can I Do My Matric In 3 Months?

Now, for anyone interested in knowing if they can do Matric in 3 Months, the answer is: No, you can’t. The system put in place won’t allow anyone to be able to complete their matric year in just 3 months.

Getting a Matric certificate comes with a lot – and learners can’t but put in a lot of effort. They will learn, study as well as write all their exams – which can’t be accomplished in less than 3 months. 

Nevertheless, for folks who have failed their Matric year and want to still complete their exams, their case is quite different, as they can apply for a rewrite. This rewrite, depending on when it was scheduled for, can actually be completed and dusted within 3 months. 

Can I Do My Matric In 6 Months?

If you are aspiring for a Matric certificate, you should understand that doing an adult Matric or even a Matric upgrade in South Africa will take you from 1 year to 3 years before you can complete it. Hence, it is impossible to complete your matric in 6 months.

But then, it is all for good, and for your good too. It is not enough to have a certificate, but it is important for learners to be properly and adequately equipped with appropriate knowledge that will make them stand out and excel greatly in their endeavors. These things need time.

So, don’t just rush to wrap up a Matric. In today’s world, it is not just all about having a certificate. You are expected to have adequate knowledge that should turn you into skillful productive personnel. Therefore, learn to take your steps. Indeed, you might have need to quickly complete your Matric right now under three or six months, but that is really not all that matters. All that matters is that you learn to be patient enough to get equipped with the knowledge that comes with the period of studying for your Matric, and you try to understand how you can innovatively utilize the knowledge to ensure your relevance in today’s competitive world.

Finally, if you should seek your Matric certificate at an institution that is pretty cool, you should enjoy the process, and it won’t really matter much if you are going to be using even two years still learning. So, don’t be discouraged from doing your Matric just because you can’t complete it in less than three or six months. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. 

Now, if you don’t want to do your Matric, you can still forge ahead. How? Let’s see the reputable colleges you can do your Matric, as well as some prominent courses you can still engage in.

Reputable Colleges You Can Study Without Matric

Indeed, if you want to further your education without Matric, your options are actually limited. Nevertheless, you should note that this doesn’t mean you should be willing to settle for less or just anything that comes your way. That is to say, even if you intend going for more studies without Matric, you can actually still ensure that you go to very nice institutions that are reputable.

Let’s see some of them:

  1. Matric College. 
  2. Skills Academy. 
  3. Ember Academy. 
  4. The Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. 
  5. The Décor School.
  6. The Learning Group.

Relevant Courses You Can Study Without Matric Certificate

– Financial Accounting 

– National Certificate in Junior Bookkeeping 

– FET Certificate in Senior Bookkeeping (NQF 4 Level Certificate) 

– National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting (NQF 4 Level Certificate required)

– National Diploma in Certified Financial Accounting (NQF 4 Level Certificate required)

– Business Management (NQF 4 Level Certificate required)

– National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management (NQF 4 Level Certificate)

– Higher Certificate in Office Administration (NQF 4 Level Certificate required)

– National Diploma in Financial Accounting (NQF 4 Level Certificate required)

– Salon Management

– Expert Certificate in Salon Management

– Short Course in Nail Care 

– Comprehensive Certificate in Nail Car

– Proficiency Certificate in Nail Care e 

– Short Course in Make-Up Application 

– Comprehensive Certificate in Make-Up Application 

– Proficiency Certificate in Make-Up Application

– Short Course in Facial Skincare

– Comprehensive Course in Facial Skincare 

– Proficiency Certificate in Facial Skincare

– Comprehensive Expert Certificate Course in Beauty Therapy 

– Educare and Childcare 

– Certificate in First Aid Concepts 

– Crèche Management

– Short Course in Crèche Management 

– Comprehensive Certificate in Crèche Management

– Certificate in Crèche Management  

– Child Day Care 

– Short Course in Child Day Care

– Proficiency Certificate in Child Day Care 

– Comprehensive Certificate in Child Day Care

– Short Course in Child Psychology

– Comprehensive Course in Child Psychology 

– Proficiency Certificate in Child Psychology 

– Tourism and Guesthouse 

– Short Course in Guest House Management

– Comprehensive Certificate in Guest House Management

– Proficiency Certificate in Guest House Management

– Short Course in Tourism Management

– Comprehensive Certificate in Tourism Management 

– Proficiency Certificate in Guest House Management

– Event and Wedding Planning

– Short Course in Wedding Planning

– Comprehensive Certificate in Wedding Planning

– Proficiency Certificate in Wedding Planning 

– Short Course in Events Management 

– Comprehensive Certificate in Event Planning 

– Proficiency Certificate in Event Planning 


Finally, as explained already, it is impossible to complete your Matric in just three or six months. You will have to study and learn appropriately, and then also sit for exams when it is time for that. This might take over two years to finish. But then, it is worth it, as it opens the door for more opportunities.

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