Radiography Requirements At UJ (2023)

Radiography refers to the imaging technique using devices such as x-rays, gamma-rays, or similar ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation to view the internal structure of an object. The idea of radiography is utilized not only in the health industry but also in the industrial sector. Radiographers are also regarded as radiologic technologists. 

The main work of a radiographer is to operate special scanning machines to view images that can guide and assist in medical treatment. Radiography is a top-notch course to study. The importance of radiography is immense and there are lots of benefits that you would gain from studying the course.

The University of Johannesburg, popularly known as UJ is a South African higher institution created in 2005. The university is currently one of the best in South Africa and is even regarded all over the world. UJ offers a vibrant, multi-cultural, and dynamic environment to all of its students. 

To study radiography in South Africa, the University of Johannesburg is a perfect institution to choose. The major factors that can be used to judge the proficiency of an institution such as good reputation, great facilities, and experienced staff are all present at UJ. The radiography department in the university is impressive and up-to-standard. 

Radiography Requirements At UJ

The requirements to study radiography at the University of Johannesburg will be provided below; 

  • Duration: Three Years
  • A Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification at an equivalent standard as determined by a Faculty Status Committee, with the following Subjects:
  • Mathematics with a higher Grade D or standard grade C symbol
  • Physical Science with a higher grade D or standard grade C symbol and
  • Biology with a higher grade D or standard grade C symbol or
  • Physiology with a higher grade D or standard grade C symbol
  • A minimum M-score of 13 is required with a University Exemption


  • Minimum APS Score: 27 with Mathematics or 29 with Mathematical literacy
  • Language of Teaching And Learning (English): Level 5
  • Mathematics: Level 4
  • Mathematical Literacy: Level 6
  • Life Sciences: Level 5
  • Physical Sciences: Level 4
  • Additional Subject: Level 4
  • Additional Subject: Level 4

Is Studying Radiography At UJ Hard?

The University of Johannesburg is a perfect institution to study radiography. The school makes it easy to study courses by offering students world-class facilities, an awesome curriculum, experienced tutors, and a good environment. 

Moreover, you as a student will have to decide on whether you want it difficult or not. Albeit the course encompasses intensive topics, besides, with a good sense of concentration and dedication, you can get through it easily. If you lack a sincere commitment to the course, then, it might become exceedingly difficult for you. 

Reasons Why You Should Study Radiography

Some of the reasons why you should consider studying radiography will be provided below;

  • Radiography Is The Heart Of Modern Medicine

The health sector is always improving and the techniques and methods utilized to treat patients keep evolving. Some of the present world healthcare development are radiography materials such as X-rays, which uses radiation to look through the body to see bones and foreign objects, fluoroscopy, which makes real-time images of the digestive system, Computed Tomography, which makes cross-section view of areas of the body and Angiography that is used to view blood vessels.

Doctors, not just in South Africa, but all over the world, are now relying on the accuracy and proficiency of radiography equipment. As a radiographer, you will sometimes have to advise the patients, explain the treatment procedures clearly and answer all of their other questions. Also, as a radiographer, you will have to handle cutting-edge machines or devices and serve a major role in ensuring good treatments for patients. 

  • Radiography Is Gripping

Radiography is an intensely interesting career to choose. The main activities related to the job itself are gripping to carry out. And even, as a radiographer, your tasks might keep varying day-by-day, which makes the work appear new to you every time. Professionals in radiography may have to explain procedures to patients, record the results of tests, adjust and maintain machines, operate test equipment, or interpret the test results.  

  • Good Salary

Radiography is one of the most lucrative careers in South Africa. The average salary for a Radiographer in SA is R 419 300 gross per year (R 34 940 gross per month), which is 51% higher than South Africa’s national average salary. A Radiographer can expect an average starting salary of R315 200. The highest salaries can exceed R 535 710 (excluding allowances and additional benefits). This is another reason why choosing to study radiography in South Africa isn’t a bad choice. There is nothing better than good work that pays well- it’s amazing. 

Tips That Can Help You Perform Better As A Radiography Student

There are certain tips that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to succeed remarkably in the radiography department. The major tips that you need to know about as a radiography student will be provided in this section

  • Create A Study Group

Forming a study group will help you as a student and even after you become a graduate. As a student, creating a study group will go a long way in improving your ability and will assist you in achieving good grades in the course. 

From the discussion you make in the group formed, you will share ideas and also, learn new things. After leaving the university, you need to have good communication skills to perform well as a radiographer. The group discussions you make will build you a strong communication ability that will help you when you start working. 

  • Ask Questions

To succeed well in a radiography school, you should cultivate the habit of asking questions about what you don’t know. Do not cover your questions up or feel too shy or afraid to ask your tutors. Ask questions and note the answers. It will go a long way in easing your journey as a radiography student. 

  • Take Breaks

Taking breaks and engaging in other interesting activities will help you as a radiography student a lot. Sometimes, the work might start to turn demanding. Do not overwork yourself; take breaks and relax your mind. 



Radiography is a great course to choose. Besides, to study radiography, one should ensure selecting a proficient and standard institution. Selecting a good institution will somehow affect and shape your future as a radiographer. 

The University Of Johannesburg (UJ) is one of the best institutions in South Africa where you can study and earn a radiography degree. In this article, the requirements to study radiography at the University Of Johannesburg, South Africa, and other related information you should know about as a radiography student has been provided.